Managing your brand’s online presence is essential, and Brandwatch has long been a go-to for this purpose. 

Yet, in the expansive realm of monitoring tools, it’s not the sole contender. 

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In this article, we explore Brandwatch competitors, analyzing alternatives that might align more closely with your specific needs.

Brandwatch Overview

Brandwatch stands as a prominent player in the media monitoring software arena, offering a robust toolkit for enhancing online visibility. This includes monitoring brand mentions, conducting sentiment analysis, and keeping a close eye on competitor activities. Despite its popularity, certain considerations have prompted businesses to seek alternatives, and here’s why.

Brandwatch website homepage
Brandwatch website

Cost Concerns

The price spectrum for Brandwatch, ranging from $800 to $3000, may not align with the budgets of all businesses, making cost-effectiveness a critical factor to consider.

Reporting Limitations

While Brandwatch boasts a comprehensive suite of tools, some users find its reporting feature lacking in comparison to its price point.

Customer Support Challenges

Recent feedback highlights concerns regarding the responsiveness of Brandwatch’s technical support, causing frustration among users.

Sentiment Analysis Complexity

The sentiment classifier in Brandwatch is perceived by some users as unreliable for nuanced classifications, particularly when dealing with a multitude of sentiments or categories.

In light of these considerations, businesses are exploring alternatives that offer better value for money, accuracy, and user-friendly experiences. Let’s explore top 5 Brandwatch competitors for 2024, each promising a more balanced and cost-effective approach to media monitoring. 

Top 5 Brandwatch Competitors Worth Trying


Exploring the realm of Brandwatch competitors, Talkwalker emerges as a robust social listening and consumer intelligence platform.

Here’s a closer look at what Talkwalker has to offer:

Social Listening and Competitor Tracking:

  • Identify brand and keyword mentions across various platforms,
  • Track competitors’ social media performance.

Performance Benchmarks and Media Monitoring:

Unique Approach to Customer Feedback:

Brandwatch competitor Talkwalker
Talkwalker website

Key Features Setting Talkwalker Apart

AI-Powered Analytics and Data Coverage:

  • Gather insights from multimedia content around your brand,
  • Multilingual sentiment analysis for a deeper understanding.

Proactive Brand Protection:

Flexible Search and Social Intelligence:

  • Flexible searches with smart filters, now removing the need for Boolean search, written with their AI Assistant Yeti,
  • Social intelligence powered by AI for the most relevant online consumer conversations.


  • Easy integration with third-party marketing tech stacks,
  • Flexible searches, asssited with AI
  • Excellent visualizations for trending topics and sentiments,
  • Comprehensive listening.


  • Complex user interface,
  • Sluggish tagging updates,
  • Potential pricing concerns.


Determ emerges as a formidable online media monitoring tool, providing marketers instant control over brand, product, or service mentions in any language. Out of all Brandwatch competitors, Determ is highlighted for its comprehensive media monitoring functionalities.

Particularly effective for managing brand reputation and addressing unexpected crises, Determ simplifies workflows with unique features:

Real-Time Notifications and Alerts:

  • Receive real-time notifications via Slack channels, email, mobile app,
  • Instant alerts for anything important to you, ensuring immediate response.
Why Determ Alert Dashboard

User-Friendly Interface:

  • Simplified interface for easy navigation and quick learning,
  • Positive user opinions on G2 attest to the effectiveness of the interface.

Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting:

AI Assistant Synthia:

  • Powered by ChatGPT API, AI assistant Synthia summarizes entire feeds as well as any point in the reporting charts,
  • Allows for quick summarizing and analyzing of great number of topics (but also single articles) enabling quick and effective reaction time.

Customer Support:

  • Most praised customer service, tailoring the tool to your specific needs,
  • Dedicated expert to help you get the most out of your data.

Pricing plans:

  • Fully customizable based on your needs,
  • Several pricing plans available.
Why Determ header G2 badges and rating
Determ G2 badges for 2024

Key Features Setting Determ Apart

AI Assistant Synthia:

  • PR helper that not only summarizes topics and data, it answers questions regarding potential concerns, extracts quotes and suggests next steps,
  • Interactive charts in the reporting systems which can also be analyzed and summarized by Synthia.

Unlimited Keywords and Users:

  • Tracking is available in almost any language, covering over 250 locations and 107 languages,
  • Advanced sentiment analysis in 44 languages.

Unparallel Customer Support Team:

  • Support available via chat, email phone and responds extremely quickly,
  • Users have their dedicated expert that helps you along the way.
Brandwatch media monitoring competitor Determ
Determ solutions


  • Easily navigable, smooth interface,
  • Detailed competitor, mention, and trend monitoring in every language,
  • 24/7 email notifications with customizable frequency and limits,
  • White label solution for branding your media monitoring tool,
  • Filtering features with advanced options for precise results,
  • Detailed customizable reports exportable to PDF, Word, Excel, or PowerPoint,
  • Boolean operators for comprehensive keyword collection and context creation,
  • AI assistant Synthia that summarizes and analyzes data for you, saving you tremendous amounts of time,
  • Historical data available upon request,
  • Tracking in any language, 250 locations and 107 languages can be attributed/filtered by, advanced sentiment analysis in 44 languages,
  • Newsletter of selected mentions which can be sent directly through the tool,
  • Branded reports which allow for quick reporting to supervisors,
  • Demographic analysis by location, language and gender.


  • Limited advanced filtering options on the mobile app,
  • Absence of print, radio, and television monitoring capabilities,
  • Determ focuses primarily on media monitoring and development in the field, so there is no classic social media management.


Meltwater stands out as a comprehensive suite of social intelligence, brand management, and media analytics tools. Here’s a breakdown of what Meltwater brings to the table:

Social Media Listening and Brand Monitoring:

  • Conduct social media listening for brand keywords,
  • Monitor news outlets for content related to your brand.

Image Analysis and Trend Spotting:

  • Analyze images posted online by your fans and followers,
  • Identify new and growing trends in your industry.

Influencer Management and Social Posting:

  • Find, connect with, and monitor the performance of influencers,
  • Schedule posts across social media accounts.

As a leader in full-service social intelligence, Meltwater goes beyond social media listening and brand monitoring. With its four key functionalities—Monitor, Analyze, Distribute, and Engage—the platform offers centralized social media management. Designed with a social-first mindset, Meltwater leverages AI technology for up-to-the-minute details and actionable consumer insights.

Brandwatch competitor Meltwater

Key Features Setting Meltwater Apart

Comprehensive Social Listening:

  • Brand management, reputation and campaign monitoring,
  • Social listening across online and traditional media networks,
  • Journalist Database & PR Outreach.

Engagement and Reporting:

  • Social publishing,
  • Newsletter,
  • Consumer and audience insights,
  • Reporting and analytics,
  • API and data integration.

Sales Intelligence:

  • Sales-focused features for business growth.


  • Customizable dashboards.
  • Robust media monitoring across diverse platforms.
  • Proactive customer support.
  • Strong Boolean operators for varied terms and context.
  • Effective analytics and reporting capabilities for data-driven decision-making.


  • Pricing may be on the higher side for small businesses.
  • Complex user interface.
  • Limited sophisticated filtering features in the mobile app.


Sprinklr stands out as an all-in-one solution for consumer insights and social media monitoring, offering an extensive suite of features that empower users to understand and enhance their brand’s online presence. Here’s a closer look at what Sprinklr brings to the table:

Customer Service Platform:

  • Omnichannel AI chat bots and voice bots,
  • Contact center.

Social Media Management:

  • Social media publishing and engagement,
  • Encouraging, measuring and optimizing employee advocacy on social media.

Media Monitoring and Insights:

Brandwatch competitor Sprinkr, all products offered
Sprinklr All Products

Key Features Setting Sprinklr Apart

Enhanced Customer Experience Tools:

  • Dedicated phone call and chat response tool,
  • Enables prompt responses to customer inquiries and concerns.

Global Brand Popularity Analysis:

  • Ability to identify and analze the geographical areas where a brand is most popular online,
  • Valuable insights into global audience preferences.


  • Comprehensive monitoring,
  • Integrated marketing,
  • Enhances customer engagement,
  • Employee advocacy.


  • Cost structure,
  • Limited monitoring channels,
  • Potential learning curve.


Hootsuite positions itself as a versatile Brandwatch competitor, addressing a broad spectrum of social media management needs. Renowned for its all-encompassing suite of features spanning scheduling, monitoring, analytics, and team collaboration, Hootsuite emerges as a robust choice for businesses seeking a holistic social media management solution. Here’s what it offers:


  • Creating, scheduling and publishing content to all social media networks,
  • AI writer and post idea generator

Social listening and monitoring

  • Hashtag tracking, keyword streams, social media streams, brand mention volume and brand sentiment monitoring

Advertising and boosting:

  • Paid social media ads management system.
Brandwatch alternative Hootsuite
Hootsuite top features

Key Features Setting Hootsuite Apart

Multi-Platform Management:

  • Efficiently manages multiple social media profiles across various platforms from a centralized dashboard,
  • Combines paid and organic content management

Wide Range of Integrations:

  • Integrates seamlessly with over 150 applications, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to diverse business needs,
  • Integrations with Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, X, Youtube, Linkedin, Pinterest

OwlyWriter AI Assistance

  • Leverages OwlyWriter, an AI writer, to generate captions and content ideas, streamlining the creative process for social media posts.


  • Diverse feature set,
  • User-friendly interface,
  • Extensive integrations,
  • Campaign optimization and landing page builder,
  • Robust analytics and reporting.


  • High price point,
  • Reliability issues,
  • Sluggish customer service response,
  • Limited automation features.

So What is The Best Brandwatch Alternative?

Selecting the perfect match out of all Brandwatch competitors is a straightforward decision. Opt for the solution that suits your needs without paying for unnecessary features. Each listed alternative excels in its respective field, offering effective solutions tailored to diverse business requirements.

Explore the features provided by these alternatives, assess their alignment with your business needs, and consider taking advantage of free trials or booking demos to evaluate their suitability before making a final decision.

Should you choose Determ, rest assured that you’ll maximize your media monitoring capabilities within a more competitive pricing structure. Our primary goal is to help you make sense of all the data at your fingertips, helping you make better business decisions.

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