Measure your brand awareness and market position

Simplify your reporting and demonstrate the true value of your efforts.

Monitor mentions across the web and social media

Monitor mentions of different brands, products or product categories

Streamline all your mentions in one single feed, and filter by topics, location, sentiment, influence score or more. Get real-time, scheduled updates directly in your inbox.

Get insights into hashtag reach and influence

Analyze the popularity of your campaigns or collaborations and break down their performance by sentiment, channels, location, or more. Download reports in just one click.

Get insights into online to offline customer experience

Learn your customers’ experiences with your online versus brick-and-mortar store. Discover opportunities for a seamless shopping experience by aligning your online and offline strategies with customer demand.

Measure and protect your public reputation

Generate quick brand insights with AI assistant Synthia through precise tone of voice and sentiment detection. Analyze sentiment further by channels, influential media, or over time.


Successfully detect and contain crisis situations

Filter negative mentions to discover potential negative publicity and customer complaints. Trigger alerts on specific topics so you can address concerns quickly and mitigate the impact on your reputation. 


Compare your market position with your competitors

Stream all competitor news, media coverage and social media activities in one feed. Analyze your competitor landscape and measure your brand visibility with Share of Voice.


Don't take it from us

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"My favorite thing is at the end of the year when I summarize what Marketing has done in the past year. The number of mentions in the millions that I could not prove otherwise. And when I compare it to the competition, no one can tell me we didn’t do a good job.”

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