Narrow down your workload

Determ's easy-to-set-up monitoring and various exporting options will cut your workload in half and provide you with actionable data for your clients.

Why Determ

All-round coverage

Complement your media monitoring efforts with Determ's extensive real-time data to provide your clients with the most comprehensive dataset yet.


Data you can rely on

The most reliable, and flexible media monitoring API on the market

Whether you’re after raw volumes of data or specific mentions and analytics, you can easily refine the results and integrate them into your website, reports, or any tools of your choice.

A solution fully tailored to your needs

Choose a streaming API, REST API, or both.

Global multilingual coverage with precise text extraction

Gather relevant web data to boost your reports, apps, or a custom analytics solution. Determ's proprietary crawler technology collects approximately 35 million mentions on a 24-hour basis across more than 100 million online sources.

Take it from our clients.

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“Definitely, the people who started working with it were happy that it made the work easier. There was a lot of stuff that we had to do manually that is now done automatically. And that's a really big help. It's really good support for us.”

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