There probably isn’t a marketer in the world that doesn’t use marketing technologies. Technology facilitates work, speeds up many processes, supports sales, helps to analyze brand mentions on the Internet and thus prevents many crises, organizes webinars, analyzes user behavior online, and manages projects.

Marketing technologies not only streamline the everyday work of agencies – they actually facilitate growth

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How to find great marketing technologies for your agency in such an ocean of apps, tools, and software? We’re coming here to save the day and showcase the top marketing technologies for digital agencies in 2024. We’ll highlight the very best tools that are worth testing out in each category.

Let’s start! 

Why Your Digital Agency Should Care About Marketing Technologies

Can your digital agency run somehow without the helping hand of marketing technologies? It sure can. There is a catch, though, and it’s a pretty big one. You will have a ton of tasks (that could be automated) and won’t be able to onboard new clients without performing mundane duties.

Doesn’t sound like a recipe for growth, does it?

Marketing technologies save money and time

That is why marketing technologies exist, often as the initiatives of digital agency employees or stakeholders. They make agencies’ lives easier, automate tasks to give a better overview, and allow focus on the important, business core.

And ultimately, they do save time, money, and quite a lot of stress. They are also great for helping companions achieve the highest possible ROI, as many marketing statistics for 2023 indicate.

Without further ado, let us go briefly through our list of the top marketing technologies for digital agencies in 2024, highlighting what they are about, what they bring, and what the exemplary tools in each category are. 

#1 Media Analytics Tools

Marketing goes hand in hand with analytics. Media analytics is one type of them. 

Media analytics tools are those which you can use to learn and understand the opinions of online users regarding a company, brand, or product. They are not just for large brands – you can also use them in small and medium-sized businesses to monitor and build relationships with your customers.

In such applications, Internet users’ opinions about particular topics are collected from social networking sites, blogs, forums, portals, video sites, news sites, and opinion comparison sites all in one place. This way, digital agencies can stay up to date on the latest trends and news, often concerning their clients. 

Media Analytics for Marketers Ebook

Marketing technologies of this kind are a way to monitor the activities of an organization, its customers, and, most importantly, the competition.

Media analytics platforms let you monitor influencer relationships for your own brand as well as for your competitors. Marketing professionals looking for a way to efficiently and effectively analyze the situation in the spheres of social media and the Internet will definitely find such tools useful.

The best tools in this category: Determ, Brand24, BrandMentions.


#2 Conversion Optimization Tools

Another great set of tools that significantly helps marketing agencies with working faster and more efficiently are conversion optimization tools. Such tools work by collecting data about websites and their visitors to help marketers understand how people use those sites.

Knowing this sort of information allows marketers to make better business decisions that ultimately aim to increase conversion rates in a company. Efficient and reliable conversion optimization tools help users identify and test potential changes that could positively impact a business’s profitability. 

Additionally, this type of tool is also capable of helping you understand why people do not convert into customers or leads, as well as automatically identifies changes that, according to statistics and different measurements, your company could benefit from. 

Usually, there are three types of conversion optimization tools: web analytics, behaviour analytics, and CRO testing tools. All of them usually give you access to measuring things like bounce rate, session duration, user behavior, journeys in funnels, specific events, and more. This can be also provided as a more complex solution by companies like Mustard IT.

The best tools in this category: Smartlook, LiveSession, Wordstream.


#3 Search Engine Marketing Tools

Search engine marketing tools, also called SEM tools, should not be ignored either when dealing with the everyday tasks and digital marketing services of a marketing manager. This type of tool can help marketers with promoting websites, improving site traffic, as well as boosting conversion and customer retention rates. 

One of the best things about SEM tools is the possibility to manage and optimize paid search ads. Other things you can do with this type of tool includes researching the right keywords, tracking keyword rankings, setting ad campaign budgets, running paid ad campaigns, automating bidding, and even analyzing and forecasting future results. 

All of that is surely useful, right? 

Therefore, what you have to do is pick the best search engine marketing tool for your agency. Below you will see some of our recommended tools.

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What would a business be without a responsive online presence

SEM tools give marketers insights that allow them to grow websites and, eventually, their businesses in efficient and profitable ways. A website that is responsive and loaded with content that is perfectly synced with the right keywords will be much more successful than any other website that is not monitored or analyzed at all. For this reason, every marketing agency should have at least one SEM tool onboard.

The best tools in this category: Ahrefs, Semrush, Clearscope.


#4 Marketing Automation Tools

Working in marketing is considered to be a very creative career path. Think about new challenges that constantly appear, new campaigns, various clients from different industries, and more. This does not however mean there is no space for monotony there.

There still are tasks that, over time, can become very repetitive and simply time-consuming – especially for marketing agencies with numerous clients. This is when marketing automation tools come in handy. You can use the best content management software programs like Hubspot and Marketo to automate a lot of the repetitive tasks in your marketing workflow.

They are essentially software and applications designed to automate tasks. Some of the tasks that can be automated include sending emails, social mapping, creating ad campaigns and lead generation funnels, tracking performance, and more.

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Sounds awesome, right? Imagine all the time your agency could save if tasks could essentially be completed on their own. Well, you are not far away from getting there. You know what to do. Here are our suggestions:

The best tools in this category: Hubspot, Marketo, Pardot.

#5 Social Media Marketing Tools

Social media platforms play an even more important role now than ever before. Actually, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and now TikTok are much more often becoming essential elements for companies and their marketing strategies.

And we are not even slightly surprised by this. After all, social media profiles help companies with, e.g., increasing brand awareness and recognition, gaining leads, working on authenticity, and staying up to date with trends and fans’ feelings towards a brand. 

Marketing agencies surely know how much effort running social media platforms requires. Think about all the tasks involved: writing copy, coming up with post cues, planning everything in advance so that it is coherent and consistent across all the social media platforms of all brands. That can be quite a lot to handle, right?

Fortunately, there are tools out there designed specifically to make doing this all much less painful for marketers like you. 

An efficient and reliable tool will allow you to speed up the process of managing multiple social media profiles at the same time. Start using features like planning and scheduling posts, engaging with audiences, analyzing posts’ performance, and even running ads all from the same place, and you will enjoy loads of saved time and stress.

The best tools in this category: Kontentino, RocketLink, SocialBlade.


#6 Project Management Tools

Marketing agencies have a lot to handle sometimes, especially large ones. Multiple clients, all with different demands and services – that can be a lot to handle.

The key to the success of every business is good management. People need management in order to stay organized and on track with their tasks.

To ensure your agency is always up to speed with all of its tasks, you should invest in a good project management tool. Some of the tasks such tools can help you with include:

  • Planning and tracking campaigns and launches 
  • Closing deals and onboarding new customers much faster
  • Scaling, building, and streamlining operational processes to improve efficiency
  • Building roadmaps and managing launches
  • Planning, tracking, and managing team projects throughout their whole duration. 

Some great project management tools include NiftyPM, Asana, Toggl Track, Jira, and many others.

startup tools - asana

Perfect Recipe for Marketing Agencies

Marketing tackles a lot of aspects. We have social media, automation, search engine optimization, management, headless CMS, and more. To make everything sync perfectly, marketing agencies need specific tools that can handle often huge workloads. 

In this article, we presented tools you could use in your marketing agency to optimize your work. Naturally, these tools are not essential, but having them will benefit you and will make your work simply more pleasurable

If you’d like to find out more about how our media monitoring tool Determ can streamline your business processes, book a demo and let’s talk.

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