Transition from desktop to mobile seamlessly

Make better working flexibility a priority - track and analyze mentions on the go.

Get regular updates wherever you are

Receive real-time push notifications about important topics and never miss a single mention.

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Manage your online presence on the go

Access mentions directly from the app and engage potential leads in conversation or resolve any customer support issues

Mobile app_managing

Stay connected wherever you go.

Get a quick overview of all your online mentions

Keep an eye on mention volume and compare the number of mentions over time. Get ahead of negative comments with sentiment discovery and react in real time to online conversations.

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Set up new topics to track in a few clicks

You don’t have to depend on your desktop. Whenever the inspiration or need strikes, you can have new information available in a minute.

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“Because the IT industry is so fast-paced, having real-time notifications is essential. I haven’t seen such great user experience with other tools in the sense that I can set up the app to send me push notifications every time a new mention comes up.”

“In the era of complete digitization, monitoring the media in real time and quick reaction are the basics of our work, especially in crisis communication. Thanks to Determ, which scans our digital media space 24/7, we’re informed about all important events right away, with notifications on the screen of our smartphones.”

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