Gather industry and competitor insights in real-time

Keep track of online conversations and media coverage to stay in tune with customer feedback and emerging trends.

Monitor mentions across the web and social media

For your company

Learn how customers perceive your brand and whether the brand image you project matches their actual experiences with your medical products.

For different brands, drugs or medical products

By monitoring online conversations and media coverage, get instant feedback on customer experiences, satisfaction, or possible side effects related to your products.

For pharmacovigilance

Help ensure drug safety by identifying and addressing any mentions, discussions or reports of adverse effects and safety concerns associated with your products.

Conduct market research with industry monitoring

Get a complete market overview by tracking competitor activities and topics related to specific diseases or treatment options. Analyze media perception over time, discover emerging trends, or identify unmet customer needs.


Generate competitor summaries with AI assistant Synthia

Powered by ChatGPT API, Synthia helps you get an instant overview of competitor activities. Compare your market position with your competitors and measure your brand visibility with Share of Voice.


Keep up with conferences and events

Monitor online discussions in the context of your own brand and products. Gather attendee feedback on company presentations or product launches and identify key opinion leaders for potential collaborations.

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