5 Best Media Monitoring Tools

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    Irma Jakić

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    Feb, 16, 2021

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In the ever-growing online world, businesses are doing their best to keep up with the online comunication. Reviews, comments, hashtags, campaigns, and all other forms of feedback should be tracked to maintain brand reputation

Companies also want to stay up to date with their competition and the latest industry trends. That way, they can form their future business goals or even prevent future crises.

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Many companies are doing these analyses manually. Scrolling through comments, searching key terms on social media, or “stalking” the competition on social media and the web may seem like a way to go. And it would be a smart one if there weren’t for an even smarter solution – media monitoring.

What is Media Monitoring?

Media monitoring can be defined as an activity of monitoring the media to find relevant mentions. These can be for example, mentions of your brand, client, etc. In this way, you can gain deeper insight into what people really think about these.

Nowadays, media monitoring tools do all of these media monitoring analyses for you. Best thing? They do it in a few seconds. So this leaves a lot of time on your hands to focus on analyzing the data you get.

If you still haven’t thought about using media monitoring tools to find relevant mentions, we’ll go through their benefits. To make your search easier, here’s a list of the best media monitoring tools.

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Top Media Monitoring Tools

1. Mentionlytics

Mentionlytics is a tool focused on social media monitoring, competitor monitoring, marketing leads monitoring, and full web monitoring. It delivers results from any website there is. What is even more interesting about this media monitoring tool is that it offers you historical data. It enables you to see mentions even from before you created your account. 

It also uses Hootsuite integration. If you are using Hootsuite which, besides media monitoring, offers other social media management tools. What is more, your Mentionlytics mentions can be integrated into it. 


Pricing: Mentionlytics has a 14-day free trial period available. After the free trial period ends, there are monthly subscription plans available. Monthly subscriptions start from 49 $/month.

2. AgoraPulse

Next on our list of best media monitoring tools is AgoraPulse. Similar to Hootsuite, AgoraPulse is also an all-in-one social media management tool. It helps you with social media publishing, social reporting, social media inbox, team collaboration, social CRM, and social media monitoring. 

AgoraPulse’s social CRM and social media monitoring options will enable you to find all brand-related search results. Meaning, it will find and label the exact content you need. All this while getting to know more insights on your customers – their preferences, feedback, and more.


Pricing: AgoraPulse offers a free version, with limited usage. Monthly plans start from 79 $/month.

3. Determ

This award-winning media monitoring tool can provide impeccable business insights. Mainly because it monitors mentions for 100+ million sources 24/7, in any language. 

Data contracted from Determ will help you boost brand awareness, monitor campaigns, and manage crises. It helps you see what your competitors are up to or what new trends are arising in your niche. Also, what your customers think of your brand, what are they concerned about, and much more. Determ can also be very useful in finding influencers to collaborate with. Their customizable reports give you a list of people who talked the most about your brand or any other topic you’re tracking. 


Other than that, Determ has an AI assistant Synthia that’s built with ChatGPT API, the industry-leading natural-language AI system from OpenAI. Synthia combines synthesis and AI to automate data analysis and insights generation by:

  1. Understanding context 
  2. Identifying sentiment and tone of voice
  3. Analyzing any spoken language.

Synthia’s first task is to summarize any topic and quickly identify key insights and trends, so you can save resources and focus your energy on more strategic work. You can summarize data on the Home dashboard, in the Feed, and in the Reports.

Pricing: Determ doesn’t have the pricing info available online, but the prices are available upon request.

4. Brandwatch

With Brandwatch, you can always keep an eye on your brand perception. This media monitoring tool helps you monitor changes in sentiment to perceive customer opinions. Also, it helps in protecting your brand reputation with real-time alerts. So, the tool keeps you on top of any emerging crisis. 

If you wish to create personalized content for your social media accounts, Brandwatch’s got it covered, too. It helps you understand what topics your customers care about. It breaks down conversations and the type of content that resonates specifically with your target audience.


Pricing: there is no pricing information available on Brandwatch’s website at the time of writing this blog. But, you can request a demo to try out the tool.

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5. Meltwater

Meltwater scans over 300 000 news sources globally. It provides clients with insights on brand reputation, customer satisfaction, competitors, etc. It extracts the info from social media, podcasts, online news, print, and even TV and radio. 

When using this media monitoring tool, you can easily create shareable dashboards that include various analytics. You can check anything from the share of voice and media exposure to advanced social echo and custom scoring capabilities.


Pricing: there is no pricing information available on Meltwater’s website at the time of writing this blog

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Wrap Up

Media monitoring tools are today a must in any marketing/PR department, if you want to make sure you’re constantly updated on anything. The amount of useful data that you get from a single tool corresponds to many hours of manual work or the results from a multitude of other tools. So in this way, one single tool can save you both time and money. Not to mention that you can do unbiased market research, check your brand reputation and react to a crisis in a matter of minutes.

Whether you’re focused on selling products or services with your goal in mind, these tools will make all the difference. We hope we’ve helped you make a more informed decision.

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