Learn whether your content matters

Keep track of online conversations and media coverage to stay in tune with your audience's opinions and user-generated content.

Monitor the public perception of your shows, hosts or performers

Use tone of voice insights and advanced sentiment analysis to stay in tune with your reputation over time.

Quickly identify and address negative publicity

Trigger notifications on sudden spikes in your mentions and stay ahead of #cancel campaigns, trending issues, and any other potential crisis situations.

Get audience and media insights into new content releases

Monitor online discussions, comments, or reputable media to get in touch with audience opinions. Get reach and engagement metrics to identify the most popular and shareable content.


Get insights into hashtag reach and influence

Analyze the popularity of your campaigns or collaborations and break down their performance by sentiment, channels, location or more.


Identify collaboration opportunities with AI Synthia

Powered by ChatGPT API, Synthia generates recommendations for your promotional activities and identifies potential brand advocates to help you increase brand awareness.


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"Every time someone asks me, I always recommend you guys. It's really helpful to know what is written about you and the reach of those messages. Also, if you make a game in a competitive genre, it's great to track competitors to see the difference between your games and other games. It’s definitely worth it if you’ve released the game or even before you release the game to jump in and try if it benefits you.”

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