Keep up with emerging trends and evolving consumer needs

Stay ahead of the game with real-time insights into your market landscape and grow with your customers.

Discover trends with industry and competitor monitoring

Get a complete overview of the beauty scene by tapping into online conversations. Keep up with the next big thing and market new products as a response to industry demand.


Find new collaboration and promotional opportunities with AI Synthia

Generate smart insights into any topic with Synthia and get action steps for promoting your brand. Discover potential brand advocates you can engage with to build brand loyalty.


Get insights into hashtag reach and influence

Learn how popular your campaign or brand hashtags are with reach and engagement metrics. Break down hashtag performance by sentiment, channels, location or more.


Inform your next steps with smart insights

Monitor customer feedback

Understand how your audience feels about and interacts with your products.

Grow your social media

Engage your audience with campaigns and posts that resonate with their current interests.

Discover influencers

Learn whether your current collaborations were worth the investment or discover new potential brand advocates.

Start monitoring mentions with ease. Book a consultation with our product experts and get a personalized product demo. No commitment.

Hear it from our clients from the beauty industry

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“We wanted to get faster and better insights into our competitors, trends, influencers, our industry in general. Determ has helped us optimize search for relevant media coverage and social media posts, and now we’re always informed in a timely manner. Our brand managers get daily updates and we use Determ for monthly, quarterly and yearly mention reports.”

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