Base your strategies on reliable data

Get insights that help you plan better, spot risks or opportunities, and optimize in real time to achieve maximum success.

Why Determ

Eliminate and automate mundane tasks

Focus your time and energy on the important stuff, and leave monitoring and analyzing to Determ.

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Unbiased and up-to-date insights a click away

Resonate with your audience

Stop guessing what your target audience wants. Create campaigns based on actionable insights from online conversations that will help you succeed.

Understand changes in consumer behavior

Spot trends and patterns, track major changes or events, and be up-to-date with everchanging consumer wants and needs.

Prove value of your efforts

Get relevant metrics and reports that will delight your stakeholders and make it easier for you to showcase your achievements.

Don't take our word for it

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"We use media monitoring for planning ahead and analyzing campaign impact. For example, when we launch a new model, we can see how people react and gather all information we need. We always keep up with competitors to ensure we stay on top of trends and industry happenings."