Branded Reports: Showcase Stunning, Consistent Branding

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    Iva Anušić

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    Nov, 02, 2023

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Branded reports enable you to customize any PDF or PowePoint report with your own logo, color scheme, title, and more. It’s a great way to share data with your colleagues, team leaders, or clients, all while staying consistent with your brand image and visual identity. 

What Are Branded Reports

By now, you’re probably already acquainted with Determ’s reports.

They are a visually stunning presentation of all your media intelligence that is created in minutes and easily shared outside the tool for reporting, further analysis, or future reference. 

But, having spent a lot of time perfecting your brand image to stand out from the crowd, it would be remiss not to incorporate your visual identity into your reports as well. Therefore, our standard reports are fully customizable while still being equipped with ample information about your online presence, audience insights, and competitive intelligence.

Branded reports options

With the new Branded reports feature you can:

  • Upload your logo to show on the front page, header, and footer
  • Add logo(s) to the header and footer
  • Change:
    • Background colors of the front page, header, and footer
    • The text color of the front page, header, and footer
    • Title and description of the report before downloading
  • Opt to add a glossary and choose its placement
  • Change the orientation of your report
  • Show/hide page number 
  • Show/hide the reporting period on the front page.

So, whether you’re part of a large organization and need to internally report the executives of your results or your agency wants to make data sharing with multiple clients more professional and personalized, Branded reports will allow you to take reporting up a notch.

You can create a custom report based on the predefined Basic report, Advanced report, and Competitive analysis, as well as any custom dashboard based on your needs and goals within various realms of PR and digital marketing. 

Note that Branded reports allow you to customize the Reports PDF only, and those changes do not affect or alter your exports, digests, or alerts and are not possible to do with our API.

For a fully branded solution, you might want to consider a white-label application.

How to Create a Branded Report

The process of customizing your report and thus creating a Branded one is extremely simple and will take only a few moments.

To start, log in to your Determ account. 

Once you’re in, open the feed of a topic or folder you’d like to create a report about and click on the Reports tab. The option to directly download the report for that dashboard will always be located in the top right corner, so click on the Download button to proceed.

A popup will appear and provide you with options to select a Brand template and download your report as a PDF or PowerPoint file. If you click on the dropdown menu, you can easily switch between Brand templates, create new ones, and manage all templates.

Simply select the desired Brand template and download your preferred format.

Brand templates

A Brand template is a saved combination of brand elements that can be accessed through Settings.

By clicking Create new in Settings or directly when downloading a report, you can add a new Brand template.

A new dialog box will appear, and here is where you can create a Brand template.

Basic options

The Basic options include steps for customizing essential elements:

  1. Quick branding to instantly fetch brand elements by inputting the brand’s domain
  2. The report title and description
  3. Brand color, text color, and logo.

Advanced options

On the other hand, if you wish to delve deeper into the customization process and edit more than just the look of the front page, click on the Advanced options. Here you can:

  1. Customize header background color, text color, and logo,
  2. Customize footer background color, text color, and logo,
  3. Opt to add a glossary before or after the content,
  4. Change the orientation of your report,
  5. Show or hide the page number,
  6. Show or hide the time period on the front page.

Customizing the header and footer is a great way to incorporate the logo and brand colors into your report. The header and footer can be different colors, as shown in the earlier IKEA report example that reflects the brand’s recognizable visual identity. 

You can also add two different logos. This is a great option if, for instance, your agency works with multiple clients and regularly informs them about your activities and results in the form of a report. In that case, you might curate the Branded report to be focused on your client’s branding while also featuring your agency’s logo.

As you can see, such a report looks very professional. And it adds more emphasis to your work and your client rather than the tool you used in the process.

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To Sum It All Up

Maintaining a consistent visual identity throughout all your company’s materials is essential for building a strong brand image, especially while reporting on invaluable media intelligence relevant to your business. 

With the new Branded reports feature, you are now able to easily create stunning reports and fully customize their appearance by adding your own logo, colors, title, and much more. The new feature is available for all Determ customers starting from the Premium plan

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