Get the right information at the right time

Receive real-time notifications about important topics and never miss a single mention.


Focus on what’s important with alerts.

Regular updates with digests

Your most recent mentions served to you in your preferred format - email, PDF, Excel or Word.

Real-time and Spike notifications

As soon as it’s on the internet, it’s in your inbox, Slack or phone, too.

Scheduled newsletters

Keep the most important stakeholders updated on relevant topics and events.

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React quickly with Spike Alerts

Trigger notifications when you or any topic you’re tracking starts gaining popularity online. Learn what caused it through instantly generated summaries and in-depth analysis of trending posts.

Alerting spike-alerts dashboard

A notification system tailored to your needs

You know your business best. Tell us what’s cause for concern or worth looking into further, and you’ll be notified as soon as it happens.

alerting real-time alerts

Stay informed without getting overwhelmed.

Never miss relevant mentions.

Get regular updates on your tracked topics

Avoid getting overwhelmed with information. Receive mention updates in easily digestible snippets - daily, weekly, monthly, or in customized time intervals.

Alerts digests

Share your most important news and mentions

Send competitor news, brand media coverage, or campaign updates as newsletters directly to your stakeholders’ inboxes.

alerting newsletters

Clients who love Determ's alerts

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"Numerous times, something would happen, and we'd be the last to know. Now, we are timely informed of everything. We check Determ every day, and if something important occurs, we automatically get an alert and are able to react immediately.”

"We noticed that a foreign media outlet wrote a story about our rescue mission and then we got a Determ alert, because other outlets started picking up on the story. They contacted us, and I think it was at least 15-20 foreign media outlets. That was definitely the most published story about HGSS ever. And we were able to monitor everything through Determ.”

“Manually looking for mentions costs a lot of time and resources, and we'd never get a full overview. You can’t get all the information you need to make a decision from someone manually watching the news or monitoring social media. And because we work with the government and important companies and organizations, we have to be prepared to monitor for daily issues and possible attacks.”