2023 marked a pivotal moment in our evolution as we transitioned from Mediatoolkit to Determ. Our transformation did not stop there—what followed was a journey of advancement, more than ever in our history.

A complete overhaul of the user interface, the introduction of AI assistant Synthia, and a host of new features, sources, and improvements resulted in some pretty amazing numbers:

  • We collected over 3.8 billion mentions, equaling 31 million hours of endless googling.
  • We collected mentions for over 36 thousand topics, 3.2 thousand out of which our assistant Synthia helped understand in one click.
  • Determ users created over 1.6 thousand reports and downloaded them over 17 thousand times—talk about proving the value of your work!
  • Determ’s Customer Support team successfully resolved 99% of issues, most often in record time.
  • The only constant in 2023 has been change: we released over 5000 platform updates.

Let’s dive into all the moments that made 2023 so exciting for us and our clients here at Determ. From our rebranding journey to the intricate details of our UI improvements and the remarkable capabilities of Synthia, here’s a recap of everything new and improved in Determ in 2023.

Rebranding and UX redesign for improved ease of use

Rebranding from Mediatoolkit to Determ in 2023 marked a comprehensive change in our website, web app, and mobile apps. This rebranding isn’t just a name change but a more precise reflection of our vision and commitment to offering unparalleled media monitoring and analytics solutions.

Therefore, in 2023, we introduced significant advancements, starting with a comprehensive overhaul of our user interface. The Feed, Exports, Digests, Alerts, Automated actions, and Settings are just some of the features that got a fresh new look.

a screenshot of the improved UX and UI for determ in 2023

This extensive redesign was a leap forward in enhancing user experience, making the navigation and functionality of Determ more intuitive, efficient, and aligned with the needs of PR professionals.

AI assistant Synthia for one-click summarization and data analysis

But the highlight of our transformation this year is integrating cutting-edge AI technology. By now, you’ve probably met Synthia, Determ’s AI assistant, a groundbreaking addition to our suite of tools.

Synthia is your intelligent companion in the world of media monitoring. With its advanced data analysis and reporting capabilities, Synthia offers insights and summaries that are not just data-driven but intelligently contextualized, enabling you to make more informed decisions swiftly.

  • Get a summary of what happened in the media
  • Have Synthia analyze any specific data point, like a spike in mentions, and get a clear overview of the situation in seconds
  • Quickly check any mention for quotes, risks, and competitors
  • Get tips on how to respond and manage what’s being said in any post or article.
a screenshot of a topic summary that is produced by Synthia, determ's AI assistant introduced in 2023

We have (re)introduced the Spike alerts to Determ in 2023, so you can get notified when there’s a significant increase in the mentions’ volume or a shift in sentiment.

A Spike Alert system serves as an early warning mechanism, allowing you to identify potential crises before they escalate. This head start is essential for preparing responses, mitigating negative impacts, and controlling the narrative. When the conversation takes a turn, you can immediately capitalize on positive trends or address negative sentiment effectively.

a screenshot of the spike alerts in determ triggered by a change in sentiment or an increase in mentions' volume

You also get a unique Spike alert dashboard focused on the situation that might escalate, which gives you a detailed overview of what may be causing it. Rather than spending hours investigating the event yourself, you can rely on Determ to help you focus your efforts on an appropriate, timely response.

Newsletter to spotlight relevant media coverage

The Newsletter is a feature that helps you inform internal and external stakeholders about relevant online content. You can curate a list of articles and posts from your Determ Feed and distribute it to your team, clients, or partners as an email newsletter.

a newsletter, feature that helps inform stakeholders about relevant media coverage introduced to determ in 2023

There are several ways to use the Newsletter as a communications tool:

  • Share the latest media coverage about your company
  • Highlight reactions to your campaigns, products, or services
  • Showcase your company’s content from the web and social media
  • Keep everyone posted about your competitors and industry trends
  • Select a list of articles or posts by any criteria of your choice.

Notable mentions

Demographics to analyze data by gender

With the addition of gender demographic data, you can use the new Demographics report template to compare how the sexes differ in terms of sentiment, locations, keywords, and emojis they use.

demographic data in determ

New sources to improve coverage

We have added many new sources to track, including Telegram, Linkedin, StockTwits, over 30 new forums, and Google Reviews.

Brand templates to quickly add your branding to any PDF or PowerPoint report

The new Quick Branding feature automatically grabs key brand elements, instantly preparing your template. In seconds, you can create a stunning branded report that showcases your logo and brand colors.

brand templates in determ, a way to white label media reports

Add a multilingual report glossary to better align with people worldwide, ensuring clarity and transparency in media reporting across different languages.

To wrap up Determ in 2023

As we reflect on the transformative year that was 2023 for Determ, it’s evident that our evolution was not just a name change but a comprehensive metamorphosis in how media monitoring and analytics are approached.

Our rebranding from Mediatoolkit to Determ signified more than a name change—it was a pledge to deliver media monitoring that genuinely makes sense.

The redesigned user interface, augmented by our AI assistant Synthia’s introduction, revolutionized how our clients interact with media data. Synthia’s one-click summarization and in-depth analysis brought a new level of efficiency and insight, transforming data into actionable intelligence. And the introduction of Spike alerts and the Newsletter feature underscored our commitment to proactive media monitoring.

Our journey in 2023 was as much about technological advancement as it was about cultivating a community of informed, responsive, and strategic media professionals. As we step into the future, we carry the lessons learned and the successes achieved in this pivotal year. We’re excited to continue this journey with our clients, armed with a sensible and ever-evolving platform.

Thank you for being a part of our story. Here’s to making more sense of the media world in 2024 and beyond.

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