TBWA analyses its marketing campaign success.

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    Resa Prasetyo

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    Marketing agency

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    API, Reports, Competitive analysis

TBWA is an international creative, messaging, and branding marketing agency that is a part of Nissan United. They overview the whole business and performance of each market in addition to market research and data governance.

For this case study, we talked to Resa Prasetyo, Regional data and analytics director for Asia and Oceania. He’s been working for the agency for more than two years. His primary responsibilities are to provide valuable insights and recommendations related to data, lead data-related projects, and adopt new technologies.


They wanted to centralize everything regarding methodology and how they get data and insights. Because they operate on a regional level, everything had to be looked at from a regional perspective. When they wanted to do market research and see what people think, they could only use surveys in specific markets. But surveys didn’t necessarily represent what people really think.

Solution & Impact

When Resa found Determ, he wasn’t really sure that the tool would help them because Determ is based in Europe, and they needed to track the Asian market. Resa says that he underestimated the tool because Determ’s features gave him what he needed.

The things that he likes the most about Determ are interactive and easy-to-understand dashboards, coverage, API connection, and an unlimited number of users he can add to the tool. The latter option surprised him because he noticed that many similar tools limit the number of users you can add. He also noted that the quality of their research and reporting has improved.

When it comes to the ways he uses Determ, Resa says:

“We use media monitoring for planning… What we should do. But we can also see our campaign's impact. For example, when we launch a new model and see how people react and gather all information that we need. We always have our ears open for our competitors to ensure we stay on top of trends and what's happening."

Resa says that the tool is easy to use and doesn’t require a lot of training. He also added:

“For now, I would say 10. Great value for money from my perspective. Pretty straightforward what you get, transparent in terms of the numbers of mentions, topics etc. I would recommend it because it is easy to use. The data quality is also good; you can get a lot of sources. The dashboard is also helpful in terms of finding insights."

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