Leapbit uses reports to present monthly results.

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    Željka Babić, CMO

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    Software development

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    Reporting, Export, Competitive analysis

Leapbit is a Zagreb-based software development company specializing in iGaming and sports betting. Having been successfully operating since 2018, the company decided to focus even more on its employer branding efforts, so they utilized Determ.

Željka Babić, Leapbit’s CMO, talked us through their marketing strategy, activities, and goals to better understand how Determ helps in the process of presenting the employer experience the company offers. Her primary responsibilities include the full marketing scope: conceptualizing, conducting, measuring, reporting, and optimizing the campaigns that shed light on Leapbit’s employee value proposition.


“We all deal with the lack of developers,” Željka said. But, being the experienced PR and marketing professional that she is, upon arriving at Leapbit, she immediately came up with a strategy to tackle this challenge – and it included Determ from the get-go. Her main goal with media monitoring was to measure the most important metrics on one side objectively and get familiar with Leapbit’s competitive landscape on the other.

“One of our main hypotheses is that visibility impacts the number of job applications, so the more people know about Leapbit, the more applications we will get, trivially speaking. To us, it is important to see the increase in these numbers, to know how the public reacts to our posts and campaigns, and to evaluate how much return on investment we get from paid media.”

Solution & Impact

Željka is well-versed in media monitoring, having started back in the days when it was still based on manual clipping and gluing news articles, and has been a Determ user from its very beginning as well.

"I don’t know how anyone goes about creating big campaigns without a media monitoring tool – you have no idea what is happening on the Internet. It’s not only something I recommend; it’s a must-have.”

She emphasizes the value that Determ provides her, saying, “it’s one of the only tools that does not require any manual work after the initial setup”. Out of the features that have the most significant impact on her work, Željka points out that the reporting is “incredibly efficient, void of unnecessary data, and easily understandable to anyone”.

“Whenever we need some data for decision-making, I export it through Determ and add it to a presentation for the entire company. We are very transparent and present results to our employees during our regular monthly meetings, including the metrics in Determ”

Since they identified and started tracking relevant metrics, Leapbit has seen an increase of 700% in the number of online mentions and a 277% increase in impressions. Additionally, tracking their competitors’ activities has brought the company some unexpected benefits that serve as a source of knowledge and inspiration. For example, the types of content and content placements that perform well.

“Knowing where to place your content is critical, as there must be a reason why we choose certain types of content and media, and its frequency and media buying aspect need to be carefully thought out. It’s difficult to conclude this based on chaotic data, so I’d advise you to set your strategy well for anyone looking into media monitoring. For us, with Determ, we can see the efficacy of each media channel. It is necessary to think through what you need to do, your goals and objectives, and the hypotheses to confirm or negate. Then, you can create a set of activities and valorize your hypothesis through results. You either learn, or you win”.