blueReport uses Determ to provide their clients with comprehensive data and analysis

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    Benjamin Wittig

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    Media monitoring

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    Export, Reports

blueReport is a media monitoring company from Switzerland that provides its clients with two major products – daily press reviews and long-term media analysis. When it comes to daily press reviews, their clients receive all the relevant mentions through blueReport’s app so they can be up-to-date with everything that’s been said about their brand or other topics of interest. With long-term media analysis, they provide their clients with in-depth analysis of their topics of interest (i.e., the reputation value of specific articles) on a monthly or quarterly basis. Aside from online sources such as social media, they also provide analysis of print, radio, and TV articles. They have a wide range of clients from different industries – from big corporations to NGOs.

For this case study, we talked to Benjamin Wittig, Junior Project Manager at blueReport. He’s a part of the Insights Team and works on long-term media analysis for clients.


Their app and the system they’ve developed work well with regular websites and traditional media, but it’s incompatible with social media platforms. They’ve implemented some integrations, but with the API changes, they’ve realized it would be better to find another tool to help them provide the most holistic media monitoring system.

Solution & Impact

They’ve started researching media monitoring tools and tested a couple of them. Ultimately, they’ve decided that Determ is the best fit. While exploring the tools, they had a couple of requirements that were important to them. Firstly, they wanted to track certain terms but also topics. Another important thing was that they could access all the data and export it to Excel. With Determ’s rich export option, they could see all the data and its variables. Also, they needed a tool compatible with their use cases – daily press reviews on the one hand and long-term media analysis on the other. For example, if there was a spike in mentions on a specific month, they can look closely at the graph and analyze it in depth. 

Benjamin says that about ten people in his company use Determ regularly, while about five people use Determ intensely. Aside from primarily using the Export feature, they create custom reports in which they can analyze the engagement, interactions, mentions of certain topics, etc.

“Definitely, the people who started working with it were happy that it made the work easier. There was a lot of stuff that we had to do manually that is now done automatically. And that's a really big help. It's really good support for us.”

When asked about their overall experience with Determ, Benjamin singled out Customer Support.

“That's something that people mention a lot that we can always turn to you, and we always get a really quick answer. Even if there's a glitch in the software, we return to you, and people are immediately responsive and fix the issue. That's really cool having someone to talk to who is always available and working on fixing stuff. That's really cool, and everybody in the team says that.”

Also, he said that he notices the constant upgrades in the tool, which he appreciates.

“We already noticed in the past year that some of the features you didn't have in the beginning, you do offer now, so there's constant development. And we really like that it seems as if your clients are being heard.”

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