8 Features That Will Up Your Media Monitoring Game

  • Author

    Klara Malnar

  • Published

    Oct, 07, 2020

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    3 min

Media monitoring tools are lifesavers for many PR and Marketing professionals. 

But, even though some may use media monitoring daily, there are always some useful features that get overlooked

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In case you’re missing out on some of the features Determ offers, this blog can help you make your media monitoring experience even better.

Track mentions on the go

Downloading a mobile app is a great way to stay connected with your media monitoring data even when you’re on the go! The app provides a lot of options that are available in the desktop version, so you can be sure that you’ll be able to handle urgent situations no matter where you are.

With the app, you can easily add new queries, filter your feed, check reports, invite your colleagues, and so much more.

Also, you can receive real-time notifications if your mentions start growing unexpectedly.

Determ’s app is available for download on AppStore and GooglePlay.

Never miss a thing

Alerts and digests are essential features for everyone serious about monitoring and improving their brand’s online presence. 

Both features are designed to keep you up-to-date with your media monitoring activities and are highly customizable.

You can schedule your alerts and digests to inform you about your mentions only when it suits you. That way, you can avoid getting notifications while on vacation, for example.

The great thing about these two features is that you can set them up for your colleagues, as well. That way, even if they’re not actively using Determ they can still be in the loop.

Optimize like a pro

Boolean operators are simple words that, when combined with your keywords, extend or narrow your search and thus refine the results of a query.

They may look quite frightening, but actually, they’re not as complicated as they look. All you need is a bit of practice.

Determ has two types of operators – Basic and Advanced.

By using them in your query setup, you can be sure that the results you’ll get will be actionable, relevant, and precise.

Gotta find them all

Mention inspector is our newest feature that is designed to make your media monitoring experience much easier. 

Can’t find a mention in the feed? 

Not an issue anymore. 

Simply copy the URL of mention into Mention inspector, and the feature will tell you whether the mention is in the tool, or why it’s not.

Another great thing is that URLs you’ve entered will automatically be added as a web source, so you won’t miss out on mentions from these sources again!

Connect Determ with other apps

Did you know that you can integrate Determ with Slack? 

If you do so, every time a new mention appears, you’ll receive a Slack notification.

Slack integration is a great alternative or addition to the previously mentioned Alerts feature.

Besides Slack, we offer API and Zappier integrations, as well as custom integrations. For more information about integrations, feel free to contact us.

Optimize your workflow 

Who wouldn’t want to optimize their workflow as much as possible, right?

Well, Automated actions are here to automate processes such as tagging and changing the sentiment. 

Setting up Automated actions is a simple 3 step process, and once you set everything up, your work is done. From then on, the tool will process queries based on the set parameter.

Automated actions save you from manually going through your feed, selecting mentions, and changing their sentiment or tags. 

The best part is that you can apply Automated actions to old mentions, as well.

Customize, customize

Predefined dashboards (aka Basic and Advanced reports) cover all the important data one may need to analyze a brand’s performance, and most of our clients are happy using only them.

But, some of you may want a bit more control over how your data is presented, and what information is included.

In this case, custom reports are exactly what you need. Plus, you can also create your own charts, over 2000 of them that is.

Report to impress 

If you don’t want to stop on only customizing the data, we got a perfect feature for you.

Branded reports take reporting to another level and will help you impress everyone, from your executives to your clients.

With Branded reports, you’ll be able to add your logo, colors, description, and much more to your standard PDF reports.

Branded reports in Determ

Branded reports are available from the Enterprise plan.

To sum up

If you implement at least one of the features covered in this blog, you’ll notice a big difference in your media monitoring experience.

If you want to start media monitoring, sign up for our 7-day trial!