Want to get noticed on the internet?  Well, that’s actually a no brainer. All of us want that. 

But, do all of us get that? Or, is it easy? Not at all! Then, how do you go about it? This blog post is all about that. 

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Here, we’ll discuss eleven actionable tips to up your brand’s online presence right away. 

Invest in Videos

Video is all the rage right now in the business world, and for a good reason. Especially for brands, it is arguably the most effective strategy they can use to connect with their audience on a more personal level. 

Research shows that 50% of the customers watch videos of a product or service before visiting a store. 

Video is more engaging than any other content format. Through videos, a brand can portray itself more effectively in the customer’s eyes and in the way they can relate. 

However, due to the high production costs and the challenge to capture that perfect shot, many marketers believe that rolling out fresh video content every week can be a daunting task. 

With platforms like StoryXpress, you can create screen-recorded videos in a jiffy. Plus, you can edit your videos, add an in-video call-to-action, or create a thumbnail according to your brand’s vision.

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Through videos, a brand can portray itself more effectively in the customer’s eyes

Track Your Brand Mentions

Picture a scenario where your customers tell you how they feel about your product or service. And even those who aren’t your customers tell you why it is so.

Sounds unbelievable? Well, it’s not anymore!

People are talking about products and services, and sharing their reviews and experiences all over social media, review websites, etc. 

Monitoring your brand mentions lets you interact with your audience, spot and handle customer issues, and get countless content ideas. 

With Determ, you can gather, track and analyze the online mentions of your brand from any source, including social media platforms, blogs, forums, and websites. 


The tool collects data about each mention like engagement, reach, author, etc. and filters these results for easy viewing. Plus, you get notified instantly, giving you an edge over your competitors. 

Create Interactive Content

The strategy that many brands know about but fail to implement is creating interactive content. Research shows that interactive content gains two times more engagement than regular content. 

No matter how much content you’re producing, if it isn’t interactive or valuable to your audience, they’ll not come back for more.

But, how do you go about making such content? Here are a few tips:

First, create buyer personas that focus on your ideal customer’s pain points. Understand what they’re interested in and how and what type of content you should deliver to them. 

For example, if you’re trying to target professionals, infographics are a great choice as they’re packed with useful information in an interesting way. Or, if you’ve more of a casual audience, quizzes can help.

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Buyer persona

Optimize Your Content for SEO

Creating SEO-optimized content is another super-effective way to improve your online presence.

Many people turn to Google to search for a product or service. With SEO, you can optimize your content to appear on top of the search results. And help your audience find your website, social media handles, or YouTube channel when they search for keywords related to your brand. 

75% of the people stick to the first page of search results. Thus, if your brand doesn’t show up in the top results, you’ll likely gain less traffic, leads, and sales. 

To gain a top spot on search engines, produce content that matches your potential customers’ search queries. Build credibility with quality backlinks. Lastly, create a Google My Business account to boost your search engine rankings. 

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Grow your Email List

When you have an announcement regarding a new product or an event, you will want your message to reach your customers at the right time. Instead of waiting for them to visit your website or social media handles, you can easily place your information in front of their eyes instantly through emails. 

An email list is a sure-fire way to reach and interact with your customers on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 66% of the customers make a purchase due to an email marketing message. 

To grow your email list, learn to embrace newsletters to collect leads’ emails. Create gated content that your customers must sign-up to receive. 

Further, crafting personalized emails, sending emails in a timely fashion, and analyzing your email marketing results are other ways to build an email list. 

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Humanize Your Brand

Would you ever do business with someone you don’t trust? Of course not! 

70% of the customers feel that brand trust is more important than ever. If you want to attract more customers, you’ve got to get them to trust your brand. 

How? Simple. By letting them see your brand’s human side. This helps form meaningful connections with your customers and inspires more trust in them.  

Want to make your brand appear less faceless, robotic, and cold? 

Show your playful side so that your customers don’t perceive you as someone only focused on selling but a human who can have some fun. 

Show the people that work behind the business. Create behind-the-scenes videos. Further, respond to your customers’ queries and interact with them when they show interest. 

Wendy’s making fun of McDonald’s on Twitter

Experiment with Paid Advertising

Do you want to surcharge your online presence instantly? Then consider paid advertising. 

With organic growth becoming more competitive every day, online advertising is a smart way for increasing your brand visibility online. Unlike traditional advertising, it is less expensive and brings insane results that organic growth cannot match.

You can advertise on places like Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. To get started, decide what you want to promote. Then, pick a platform where your target customers are more active. 

Your ad copy should be straightforward, have a strong headline, and an actionable CTA at the end. But most importantly, it should come up when someone is searching for the solution to their problem. 

Build Relationships, Not Followers 

What’s better – 100 followers who regularly engage with your content or 10,000 followers who don’t even look at your brand’s website, social content, and videos? 

Obviously, the first one! 

Building customer relationships is something significant when you’re trying to boost your brand’s online presence. 79% of the customers prefer those brands that understand and care about them before making any purchase. 

Wondering how to forge such crucial relationships? 

Join online communities to engage with your potential customers. Offer fast and reliable customer service. Educate your audience with helpful, informative, and entertaining content. Further, you can also make them feel that you value their opinion by embracing user-generated content. 

Helping > Selling 

Another sure-shot way to increase your brand’s online presence is by focusing on helping your customers more than selling. 

Let’s face it: Not everybody likes to be sold to all the time. You will want to push deals and offers to your followers. But, what’s important is how you solve their queries through quick replies and valuable content. 

One of the best ways to market your business while also helping others is to create content that directly speaks to your customers.

Be transparent about your offerings and product features. Understand your audience’ issues and pain points and convey how your product/service can solve them.  

Remember: Selling can bring you a customer today. But being helpful can create a customer for life. 

Analyze Your Social Channels 

Although crafting valuable social content is crucial for a brand, it’s not enough to post and walk away. 

Enter: Social Media Analysis. 

Studying critical metrics, such as engagement, impressions, click-through rates, reach, conversions, response rate, etc., can provide you with rich information about what’s working and what’s missing the mark.

There are numerous analytics tools that can help you demonstrate the impact of the decisions you’ve made. 

Some analytics may be harder to track, like brand awareness. But once done, it can help you access insights that you can use to optimize your social media marketing strategies more effectively.   

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Automate your Processes  

If you’re juggling tons of tasks to boost your online presence, it’s time to consider automation. 

It takes a lot of time and dedication to stay active and consistent on various online platforms. From brainstorming new content ideas and answering DMs to planning your content strategy, the struggle is real. 

But there are numerous automation tools you can use for multiple admin tasks, like scheduling and posting on CMS or social media, monitoring and reporting, etc. 

Further, you can curate others’ content to provide your customers with valuable information without crafting fresh content pieces. 

In the End

This brings us to the end of this post. 

In 2023, taking your business online and making it visible to your target audience is not a choice but a necessity. The more presentable your brand looks online, the more likely customers are to trust you. 

Remember: Boosting your brand’s online presence may take up a lot of effort, time, and resources. But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing. 

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