Simplify reporting and show the true value of your efforts

You can’t argue with data. Make difficult conversations easier with comprehensive, data-driven reports, and focus your resources on strategies that bring results.


Use ready-made templates or customize to your own needs

A flexible reporting experience. Draw insights from existing dashboards or create charts unique to your business goals.

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Share your most important insights in a few clicks

Focus your resources in the right direction. Export data in your preferred format and support decision-making with data-driven insights.

Reporting_export_types and branding

Stay consistent with your visual identity

Create fully customizable reports with your logo and color scheme, easily shared with your most relevant stakeholders.

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“Whenever we need some data for decision-making, I export it through Determ and add it to a presentation for the entire company. We are very transparent and present results to our employees during our regular monthly meetings, including the metrics in Determ.

“When it comes to analytics, it’s really helpful to be able to have the reports. It calculates things very quickly, and it's very easy for us to see where the spike in mentions was and to be able to create reports to inform our intervention and communication strategies.”

"My favorite thing is at the end of the year when I summarize Marketing's efforts in the past year. The number of mentions in the millions that I could not prove otherwise. And when I compare it to the competition, no one can tell me we didn’t do a good job.”

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