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FORUM-ASIA is a membership-based human rights organization founded 30 years ago. Currently, they’re based in Bangkok, but they also have offices in Jakarta, Indonesia, Kathmandu, Nepal, and Geneva. They work with 85 different member organizations on various human rights issues in Asia.

For this Case Study, we talked to FORUM ASIA’s Communications & Media Team. Their work consists of publicizing the work of their members on the regional level in Asia, South Asia, and the UN in Geneva. Forum Asia’s Communications program was established in 2015, while the Media program came in 2017. Their goal is to become thought leaders regarding human rights in the Asian region.


In the beginning, Communications & Media Team focused more on information sharing and publication. Now, they have a strong media component because they do more press releases, media relations, analysis, and outreach.

“That’s why we’re using the tool to monitor our performance across different media. Because now our traditional and social media have become a core element of our work.“

Forum Asia is currently in the process of rebranding, and they want to approach the public with a more modern and fresh outlook. Since they’re active on multiple social media platforms, they’re relying on native statistics and Determ’s data when it comes to metrics.

“It’s really exciting because for the first time in the second half of last year, we had the largest share of voice on social media, and we were able to track this through Determ. Otherwise, it would be really tricky.”

Solution & Impact

Before Determ, they manually tracked their media mentions and social media performance, which was time-consuming and ineffective. That’s when they realized they needed an alternative. Now, their whole team uses the tool.

“What Determ is really helpful in doing is tracking our owned and shared media. We haven’t actually exported paid media; we’re excited to do that, as well. When it comes to analytics, it’s really helpful to be able to have the reports. It calculates things very quickly, and it's very easy for us to see where the spike in mentions was and to be able to create reports to inform our intervention and communication strategies.”

Also, they use Determ to track their press releases and other peer organizations. Because of the data they get from the tool, they can prove their efforts’ effectiveness and subsequent metrics improvements.

“We expected to monitor our peer organizations, but we didn't expect to exceed their performance in the Asian region. So that was quite encouraging because we often compare ourselves with some other global or peer organizations. Our vision is one day that, when people talk about human rights in Asia, they go to us instead of others.”

Forum Asia’s Communication & Media team also pointed out that Determ proved to be valuable in monitoring multiple crises happening simultaneously.

The team noted that in the last two years, they’ve been using the tool, and they noticed the tool growing and improving.

When asked whether they would recommend Determ to other organizations, they said that they’d already done that. Also, they’ve pointed out that everyone who’s on the fence about purchasing Determ should try the trial version and the demo:

"The demo really did it for us. The demo really sold it!”

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