YAZIO uses Determ to better understand its users and & more

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    Nikolas Sonneborn, Community Manager

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    Mobile app

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    Custom reporting, Brand monitoring

YAZIO is a simple, nutrition-focused mobile app that provides users with tools and resources to manage their nutrition, track their food intake, and set weight goals. It features a comprehensive database of foods, allowing users to log their meals and track their macronutrient and calorie intake. The app started as a university project and grew into a company with around 80 employees and 85 million users worldwide (Oct 2023).

We talked to Nikolas Sonneborn, Community Manager at YAZIO, for this Case Study. Nikolas’ primary focus is to understand their community better – seeing what people write about YAZIO and what they think. He uses this information to come up with thought-out responses and plans. Nikolas also ensures that customers receive an excellent experience, and he replies to comments and messages on social media.


Nikolas needed a media monitoring platform to achieve his primary goal of understanding YAZIO’s community better. 

“When I started at YAZIO one year ago, I noticed that there was almost no media monitoring and no social listening, despite many conversations related to us as a brand. I felt the need to change that.”

Nikolas tested out a couple of platforms but decided to go with Determ.

“I already had this good experience with you, and I could see the tool is working. The design of the tool is really nice and straightforward. I can use it almost intuitively. Also, I had a great customer success experience being in touch with your team. Whenever I had a question, you replied immediately. You took my issues seriously, tried to work on them in time, and helped me find a solution.”

First, he started using Determ on a smaller scale to see what the platform had to offer and soon realized that this was what he needed.

“I quickly figured that this larger scale is much better for monitoring, analyzing, and reporting. I was delighted with Determ’s experience, so I decided to upgrade. So far, that was a great decision. It's going very well!”


With Determ, Nikolas found value beyond solely monitoring what people say online. When they upgraded to a bigger plan, Nikolas was pleasantly surprised with the custom reports feature that allowed him to navigate the data in his own way. That way, he can easily understand emerging trends, discover potential influencer partnerships, and overall understand what’s going on.

“Because of the report function, I don't even have to analyze myself that much. I have much more flexibility on how I want to search through my data, which helps YAZIO to understand their community and what's going on on the Internet. That's really valuable for us.”

Nikolas uses the platform daily. His routine consists of checking out the custom daily report he created, where he checks what happened yesterday, what’s happening currently, and whether there’s something that he needs to react to.

At the top of the custom daily report, Nikolas has two mentions over time charts that show data from the day before and today hour by hour. They help him see if there was a spike in mentions at some point in the day and whether he needs to react. Then there are mentions over time in the last 30 days chart, which helps him see the overall performance, share of voice, influencer pie charts, and sentiment analysis, allowing him to compare with competitors and who mentions them the most. The last charts in the custom report are the top keywords used for YAZIO and its competitors, which he quickly scans to see if anything is interesting.

Aside from a custom daily report, Nikolas created a custom monthly report, which he shares with his team and a partnership report that helps him and the team track all the partners and what they’re doing.

After that, he checks the feed and sorts mentions to see which ones are recent and which have the highest reach and engagement, as well as filtering mentions in different languages.


Nikolas says that he couldn’t do on his own what Determ does for him with respect to collecting mentions and providing detailed reporting. 

“It does save me time, but more importantly, it provides me quality in the results and my work.”

He points out that one of the most significant benefits is understanding YAZIO’s community and quickly joining conversations.

“I have a tool that helps me understand the community. I know what's happening. I know what our users are talking about. I know what they care about and what not. And that is great; that's the main benefit of using Determ. The other benefit is that I can just very quickly join conversations.”

Also, he doesn’t have to rely on gut feeling; he has reports and data that back up his stances and help him make better decisions.

When asked what advice he would give to users testing out Determ, Nikolas said:

“I think people should try to figure out their specific use case. What do they want to use the tool for? What are their goals? What result do they want to see at the end of the month? If they are clear about this, I can only recommend testing Determ and see how powerful it can be.”

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