BIMAL Group uses Determ to keep up with their mentions and creating reports

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    Draško Bojić, Digital Manager

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    Bosnia and Herzegovina

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    Reports, Mobile app, Alerts

BIMAL Group consists of several companies operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and the region that manufactures, processes, and distributes edible oils and other products from oilseeds. Their operations also cover trading, storing and business park services

For this case study, we interviewed Draško Bojić, Digital Manager in BIMAL Group. Draško has been working for BIMAL Group  since 2016, and his responsibilities include their social media and website, as well as working with Determ.


Before Determ, they used a different tool that generated reports based on their keywords and sent the reports to them once a day. However, they wanted to have better access to the data that was collected, so they decided to look for a tool in which they could access the data whenever they needed to. 

Draško stated that they researched for better solutions and tested out various tools, but after some time and consideration, they chose Determ. Aside from being able to access their data at all times, Draško mentioned that other important factors in their decision were creating reports in the platform and the ability to add or remove the keywords they monitor.


Draško and his colleague use Determ the most, while other colleagues also have access and use it when needed. Draško uses Determ daily, and his routine consists of checking if there is any news in the last 24 hours, reading the news, and creating a newsletter for his colleagues with important mentions. 

Since they’re operating in multiple markets, Draško says that Determ helps them monitor what’s going on in the markets.

Sometimes, they need to get a report about a specific subject (for example, a campaign) for which Draško uses various graphs and charts in reports to present the overall data for that subject in a specific period.

Also, Draško noted that Determ’s mobile app and its alerts come quite in handy because they help them identify urgent matters. 

When it comes to other benefits, Draško singled out the sentiment analysis, the ability to filter mentions from websites and social media, and the fact that they can always go back and filter their mentions by specific periods.

Draško also shared with us a funny anecdote they encountered when they started using Determ. Their company’s name, “Bimal”, is a popular Indian name, so they were receiving a lot of irrelevant mentions. But, with the help of our Customer support team, they were able to optimize their queries to receive only relevant information.


Draško says that his estimate is that Determ saves him up to two hours a day because he doesn’t need to do things manually anymore.

“We had situations before we started using Determ, that we would get that media clipping only in the morning, and we would have the news come out already, let's say, after 9 o'clock. And then, at the end of the working day, we had to search by ourselves with the help of Google and certain tools that we found online, so a lot of time was wasted there. Now I do it in half an hour tops, so it’s a really significant time-saver.”

When asked what he appreciates the most in his experience with Determ, Draško said:

“As the best part, I would point out the speed and the possibility to get feedback at any time if something is not clear and if something needs to be fixed. The speed of the platform itself, but also the speed of your support.”

When asked if he would recommend Determ to others, Draško said:

“My personal advice would be to get Determ mostly because it saves up a lot of time, and based on my experience, I would rate Determ a 9 out of 10; if we weren’t satisfied, we would not be using Determ for all these years.”

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