Do you think that your agency could work faster and more efficiently? If yes, marketing tools with a variety of capabilities can be of great help.

To manage their work properly, agencies have to use a variety of marketing tools. Depending on what exactly an agency does, it will require a different set of features. Content marketers need tools for creating graphics, for example, while SEO requires tools to check links and keywords or downtime monitoring. And that doesn’t even cover half of their toolboxes. 

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When choosing from such a wide range of marketing tools, how to select those that best meet your business needs?

Here’s how we can help.

See our top marketing tools for agencies that we can’t imagine working without.

1. Determ


“Listen to your customers”. You probably hear this sentence quite often, and it is where Determ comes in. A must-have marketing tool if you want to hear what your client’s customers have to say and to keep tabs on multiple campaigns at once.

It is a solution for monitoring social media mentions in real-time across nearly every possible platform and website. 

Would you like to know when someone mentions your clients’ brand on the Internet? Not a problem anymore. You get a notification as soon as somebody talks about them in the online world.

It is an affordable way to gain insights into your client’s target audience and to hear unbiased opinions, which are very valuable these days. By analyzing social media results with Determ, you are backed by hard data, not merely speculation.

why determ

Your team will learn how quickly your clients’ brands can reach a new, broader audience and engage them.

Using Determ, your agency will be able to interact with your customer’s audience more quickly, respond to their comments more efficiently, and build a community around their brands.

⭐️  Key features for agencies:

  • Creating clients’ folders and easily switching between them
  • Adding topics and setting up notifications for each client individually
  • Exporting reports for clients to analyze the relevant data
  • Competitive analysis dashboard
  • Weekly or daily overview of mentions and real-time research
  • Geo-mapping to discover the media buzz in a particular location

💵  Pricing:

Determ doesn’t have the pricing info available online, but the prices are available upon request.

2. Kontentino

kontentino homepage

“Telling you that Kontentino simplifies social media scheduling is like telling you that a Mercedes makes getting from point A to point B easier”.

That’s a description we recently heard of this marketing tool, and we fully agree. It’s impossible to ignore all the other conveniences this tool provides as well.

It’s a multitasking tool for managing social media. With its help, you will be able to control everything you are doing on social media in one place.

This tool is made with agencies in mind. It streamlines the process of creating posts by taking into account each of the several stages involved. It’s a breeze to collaborate with your team with its workflow interface, which you can see below.

It’s an intuitive marketing tool that’s easy to master. You can easily leave feedback, send your posts to a graphic designer, or publish directly to social media platforms. All of your content and visual assets can be organized and stored in one place.

Most importantly, behind Kontentino stands a team of talented people who are constantly adding new features and functionalities.

⭐️  Key features for agencies:

  • A separate panel for the approval process and communication between the client and the agency
  • Task assignment
  • Easy bulk scheduling, rescheduling, and copying with drag and drop functionality
  • An analytics module that provides valuable insights (budget spend, benchmarks, KPIs, and more)
  • Live post preview (also available for Instagram grid)
  • Support for most post and ad formats

💵  Pricing:

You can choose one of their ready-made plans or customize your own by adding only the modules you need. The plans start from €71 per month, while the cheapest custom module costs €18. You can book a demo to try it out.

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3. Asana

screenshot of asana's homepage

One of those marketing tools that doesn’t need much introduction is probably Asana. It’s frequently used by many companies, and not only those who work remotely. With this work management software, you can stay on top of what is happening within your agency, view your team’s plans, and track their progress.

It’s a great marketing tool that simplifies daily workflow – you can assign tasks to a particular member, give feedback, split jobs into subtasks, and tick them off when completed.

With Asana, you can create a clear path of action and expectations by setting priority levels, deliverables, and approval stages.

a screenshot of an agency collaboration project in asana

It provides a high-level overview of everything your agency is doing. You can coordinate marketing activities from concept to launch while communicating with internal and external stakeholders from the same platform.

Your team can keep up with regular status updates, will know what to do, and is able to work faster without frustration. Simple perfection.

⭐️  Key features for agencies:

  • Creating folders/projects for each client separately
  • The ability to link your account to the client’s account and switch between them with one click
  • Each team member has an interface that they can customize to their own needs
  • Access to reporting about team performance
  • Ability to set goals that can motivate your team

💵  Pricing:

Even though the most Basic plan is free, it still contains a lot to start with project management. The prices of paid plans range from €13 to €30 per month per user. If you need additional security, control, or support, you can ask for a customized offer.

4. Smartlook

screenshot of marketing tool smartlook

How can you improve your client’s website performance? You need data and the right marketing tool

Smartlook is a tool that analyzes web and app traffic. During each session, it tracks visitors’ behavior and records their journeys to determine what they do.

This analytics tool helps you create funnels that let your agency watch why people leave your client’s website and resign from taking particular actions. As a result, your agency will know what changes need to be made to a particular page.

You can set events for nearly any action, which you submit through API without needing the developers’ assistance – whether it’s text typed into an input field or a click on any element of your client’s site.

⭐️  Key features for agencies:

  • Segmenting users according to a variety of device types and over 30 other filters
  • Creating heatmaps and funnels from retrospective data
  • Customized dashboard to display only the statistics you want to see
  • Smartlook API for identifying users

💵  Pricing:

Smartlook offers four different paid packages, or for up to 1,500 sessions the tool is for free. You can start on a paid plan from €31 per month, but you should also consider higher packages if you want deeper analysis.

5. Ahrefs


It’s a well-known toolset for backlinks and SEO analysis. With the help of this marketing tool, you’ll be able to provide your clients with the freshest and most accurate backlink data, helpful e.g. for your marketing strategy or enhancing product search.

This tool can give you new ideas for link-building and content analysis. You will gain access to various charts and graphs, plus you can export visually compelling data for further analysis.

SEO tools can be overwhelming, but Ahrefs has a clear and user-friendly interface. It also provides free training materials to help your team make the most of the tool.


No matter if you have junior marketers or SEO experts in your marketing team, they will all find this marketing tool useful and easy to learn. 

⭐️  Key features for agencies:

  • Keyword explorer to study what your client’s customers are looking for
  • Diagnostics of on-page and technical SEO issues
  • A content explorer to discover top-performing ideas
  • Tracking ranking progress
  • Alerts about new backlinks and mentions on the web

💵  Pricing:

Ahrefs plans start from €81 per month, but that is limited to one user (each additional user costs extra). There is a trial available, but it is fee-based.

6. Canva


Today, marketers are pushed to create more and more visuals to convey their marketing messages. Along with marketing knowledge and a strong understanding of the industry, they should also have an eye for aesthetics.

Professional design and on-brand appearances have become a must. Luckily, you don’t have to be a graphic designer to create appealing graphics. Canva is ready to help you.

Canva is browser-based layout software loaded with templates for creating social media posts, IG Stories, covers, animated graphics, and many more.

With this marketing tool, you don’t need any special skills to create a coherent visual identity for your client’s marketing messages. 

The possibilities are endless, and the only limit is your creativity. Its drag and drop functionality makes designing a piece of cake. It’s an essential tool for all marketing agencies that gives huge possibilities. You really won’t come across a more intuitive graphical tool than this one.

⭐️  Key features for agencies:

  • Designing templates with branding guidelines that your team can use at any moment
  • A huge image library with thousands of free templates, icons, and images
  • Real-time collaboration to create designs together with your team members
  • Creating multiple teams for different projects
  • Canva Social Media Scheduler

💵  Pricing:

Canva gives access to many of its features for free. However, its paid plans aren’t too expensive. For example, if you desire unlimited access to tools and content, then the highest plan for €27 per month, designed for enterprises, is the best choice.

7. GetResponse


This is a perfect marketing solution if you want to boost the promotion of your client’s brand online. You can create stunning pages for your clients and responsive emails for communication with an easy drag and drop builder.

You don’t need any HTML skills to automate marketing campaigns.

This marketing tool helps you drive traffic that converts and engage your client’s customers with relevant content. You will be able to create successful remarketing campaigns to nurture existing contacts.

Using this one marketing tool, you can create push notifications, live chat, landing pages, paid ads, signup forms, webinars, and conversion funnels. Is there anything more you need to convince you?

⭐️  Key features for agencies:

  • Ability to create automated, personalized email campaigns and send behaviour-triggered emails
  • Developing compelling lead magnets
  • Predesigned templates for your emails, landing pages, forms, and marketing automation workflows
  • Running live and on-demand paid webinars
  • Integrations with CRM, ecommerce, and other third-party tools

💵  Pricing:

Four plans for different purposes: sending emails, generating leads, selling, or automation. The lowest plan starts from €13 per month. As you add more subscribers to your list, the costs increase. At the top end of the scale, you can expect to pay €490 per month to use GetResponse. A free trial is available.

To Sum It Up

And that’s all! Our list is short, but it contains marketing tools that we have tested, currently use, and are satisfied with. All of these products can make your agency’s activities easier to measure and complete. Check them out, and see how they can simplify your daily agency workflow. You can also think about adding new tools, depending on your clients – for example, an online booking platform to facilitate customer service.

As well as a large amount of data, your agency will also gain huge time savings, unmatched by any other method of streamlining your workflow.

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