As the end of 2021 is nearing, we are wrapping up on one of the most challenging, but rewarding years for us at Mediatoolkit. 

Our mission is to solve the problem of finding meaningful business information by building a global media monitoring, analytics, and management solution with top-notch customer support that is easy to use for everyone. Now, more than ever, having relevant information delivered in real-time is crucial for navigating through these difficult times.

That’s why we have focused our efforts on delivering new features and updates that make the workflow of PR professionals more automated and efficient, all while also providing an even more enjoyable user experience. 

With that in mind, here are the biggest ways we have bettered Mediatoolkit in 2021:

The new topic setup provides an instant preview of expected search results and analytics

A new topic setup process with an instant preview of expected results has been implemented. This makes creating a new topic much simpler and more effective, as you can easily fine-tune your search parameters until you’ve satisfied with their outcome

Mention history changes

As of January 1st, 2021, we have stored all web mentions in order to create a complete 1-year web archive that will keep on growing in the years to come.

Topic edits do not cause any loss in data

Editing a topic will not delete previously collected mentions and there will be no empty feeds after the edit. Mentions older than 3 months will remain in the feed, while mentions from the last 3 months will adjust to the new topic definition.

A glossary can be added to reports for a better understanding

While customizing your report, you can add a glossary containing a brief explanation of all the most important terms and metrics used in the report. Having a glossary comes in handy when presenting to clients or an audience that is not PR savvy to easily comprehend the report.

Branded reports presets 

Save your Branded report design as a preset called Branded configuration and use it over and over again. To create a Branded configuration, click on Settings > Organization settings > Branded configurations.

Topic presets simplify creating new topics

Save your topic as a preset and use it when creating new topics. To create a Topic preset, click on Settings > Organization settings > Topic presets.

Report digests can be scheduled

Schedule your custom dashboard to receive as a digest with your branding! To create a report digest simply click on the Digest button next to the Download button when viewing your report, then choose to Add a new Digest, and select your Branded report preferences or a Branded configuration.

The PDF export is greatly improved

The export process is now faster than ever – a few seconds is all it takes to export your PDF. We have increased the limit of a PDF export to 1000 mentions, all while maintaining the utmost quality of your media report. You can also add a custom logo to show in the header or footer of your PDF export if you choose to Include the header & footer in your PDF options.

The Mention chart has even more customization options

Easily apply feed filters to your Mention chart. Select a chart time and then sort chart mentions by time, reach, or virality. You can further select the Source type to display only those mentions from a selected source and adjust the size of your Mention chart as per your preferences, from a standard-sized chart to a full-page chart perfectly displayed in your reports.

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Easier feed management and navigation

You no longer have to switch from Viewer to Analyst mode to bulk select, change sentiment, add tags, remove, or export mentions. Simply hover over the lower-right corner of each mention and click on the checkbox to select it and perform the desired action. Selected mentions can also be saved as a Collection and accessed at a later time.

To wrap up 2021

At the very end of this year, we want to thank each and every one of our users and customers for either giving Mediatoolkit a try or partnering with us. We have built a great community of PR and marketing professionals with whom we have shared some amazing moments and been able to positively impact their success stories.

As always, we will continue to strive to better our product and services, so stay tuned for everything that is to come in 2022 – we have a lot of exciting new features and product updates in the near future.

Happy holidays from the entire Mediatoolkit team! 🎄

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