This June, we continued working on improving the UX and UI in Determ for a better overall experience and easier workflow. You can now enjoy the refreshed look of Automated actions and Exports, while the Feed also got a new feature Select all to perform bulk actions. Continue reading the June Product Update blog to learn more.

New features

Bulk change sentiment and add tags with the new Select all feature in Feed

Now, you can use the Select all feature in the Feed to bulk change sentiment and add tags. 

Quickly select all mentions, apply a sentiment, or tag them all simultaneously.

This can save time and make your workflow more efficient, as you no longer need to select each mention and perform the action manually.

Furthermore, we have made the process of adding tags much simpler. Every mention has a new Tag component, allowing you to manage its tags directly.

To do so, hover over the bottom right corner of a mention and click the Tag icon. This will enable you to add, remove, or view all tags associated with the mention.


Automated actions and Exports got a new UI

The next in line of features to get a fresh new look are Automated actions and Exports. Both have an improved interface that will make their functionality more straightforward.

Automated actions help you automate assigning sentiment and tags to mentions by criteria of your choice. Add a keyword, author, or website as a trigger (or combine all three!) and choose what action to follow.

Here is a video tutorial on how to create Automated actions in Determ.

With Exports, it’s easier than ever to download or email a data export to your team and clients in your preferred format. You can enter any email, regardless of them in or outside your Determ organization.

Export limits are also more visible now, making selecting the correct format clearer. To view how to export data in more detail, check out our video tutorial below.

To conclude the June Product Update

As always, we hope you enjoy these new features and improvements from the June Product Update.

Let us know what you’d like to see in Determ in the future via chat. If you’d like to see these features in action, book a demo for a personalized walkthrough.

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