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NEW: Use Tags to Segment Your Mentions by Topic

  • Author

    Ivor Bihar

  • Published

    Apr, 28, 2016

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    3 min

We have a lot of features in Determ that help our users dig deeper into data, such as source and reach overview, quantitative and sentiment analysis. And now we also have Tags, a simple way to sort your mentions into topics.

The online media are likely to approach the news about your company from different angles. One article can talk about business decisions, another about the company’s product, the third one may relate to a crisis or a product review. All of these contain the name of your company or a brand, but their topic is different.

You can assign Tags to each of these mentions with their corresponding topic. Reports will then tell you how often is that particular topic talked about online. 

You can also use an unlimited number of tags for a single mention. This is useful in cases in which different topics are discussed within a single mention. For example, the owner of your company may give an interview in which they mention three different products, discuss a potential acquisition, and talk about your most recent marketing campaign.

Think of it this way: if your online mentions were laundry, tags would be a way to separate whites, colored and delicates.

Use Tags if you want to find out:

  • how many articles about your company also mention your CEO
  • how many mentions did your marketing campaign get
  • how many times is one of your brands mentioned in comparison to competitor brands
  • is your company mentioned more alone or in articles with other companies
  • how much press coverage did Product A get vs Product B
  • do your mentions come from earned, owned, or paid media
  • and many other things

How to tag mentions?

In order to start using tags, click on the blank space in any mention in your feed. You’ll see a sidebar open on your right side with additional options. You can start tagging your mentions immediately by clicking the +New Tag button. If you want to separate them further, click Manage tags. A separate window will open where you will be able to determine Categories (topics) and individual tags belonging to that topic.

We suggest Categories be as general as possible. For example, if you are tracking your company, you can divide mentions into categories such as CEO (for all company mentions about the CEO), Marketing activities (for your campaigns), Public relations (for your PR efforts), or User reviews.  Once you have determined your categories, click the name of the category to add a new tag. Tags should be specific. For example, if your category is Marketing, tags can be topics such as “Product launch”, “Event”, or “Celebrity endorsement campaign”. If your category is Public relations, tags may be “Corporate social responsibility”, “Product PR”, “Crisis”, “Business announcements” or similar.

How to reach the data about my tags?

Once you’ve tagged all your relevant mentions, go to Reports – Topics & Tags. There you will see a Tags pie chart with the distribution of your mentions. The inner circle represents categories, while the outer part of the chart represents the amount of individual tags used.

How many tags per mention can I use?
You can use an unlimited amount of tags per mention. However, we suggest you limit the number of tags you use because it will help you keep them all organized.

If there is anything else you want to know about tags, feel free to ask in the comments section. And check out the rest of our blog if you want to know more about our other features or ways media monitoring can help grow your brand.

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