Remember CrowdTangle? The social media monitoring tool from Meta (formerly Facebook) that helped us track conversations across Facebook Groups and Pages?

It was a lifesaver for staying on top of brand mentions, industry trends, and competitor activity.

But with their announcement that it was shutting down, the time came to explore other options. No worries  – this isn’t the end of effective media monitoring. There are a bunch of powerful alternatives waiting to take your monitoring game to the next level.

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In this blog, we’ll break down the top 5 CrowdTangle alternatives for 2024. These tools offer comprehensive features, advanced functionalities, and some even cater to specific social media platforms.

So buckle up and get ready to discover the perfect replacement for CrowdTangle!

Top 5 CrowdTangle Alternatives

Here are 5 powerful alternatives to consider:

Determ: the all-in-one social listening powerhouse

Determ isn’t just a social listening platform, it’s a comprehensive command center for all your media monitoring needs. It goes way beyond basic keyword tracking. Determ has a range of advanced features like sentiment analysis, opinion leaders identification, and in-depth competitor reports. It empowers you to track conversations across major social platforms, analyze important social media metrics like reach and engagement, and gain actionable insights to inform your social media strategy.  While Determ offers tiered pricing plans, you’re guaranteed a robust feature set for effective media monitoring.


Why Determ

Hootsuite: manage and monitor like a pro

Hootsuite is a comprehensive social media management platform that caters to businesses of all sizes.  While scheduling posts and managing multiple accounts are its core strengths, Hootsuite shines in media monitoring as well. Track relevant keywords and hashtags across various social channels to identify brand mentions, industry trends, and competitor activity.

Analyze sentiment to understand audience perception and generate reports to measure campaign effectiveness. Hootsuite provides a solid foundation for media monitoring, but in-depth competitor analysis or influencer identification might require upgrading to a higher-tier plan.


Buffer: simple scheduling with monitoring perks

Buffer is a user-friendly platform ideal for individuals and small businesses.  Schedule social media posts, manage multiple accounts, and gain valuable insights through Buffer’s built-in monitoring features. Track keywords and hashtags to discover brand mentions and industry trends.

Analyze basic engagement metrics and generate reports to track progress. Buffer keeps things simple and affordable, but for advanced analytics or in-depth competitor tracking, you might need to consider a more feature-rich alternative. 


Socialert: the free (but limited) option

For budget-conscious users, Socialert offers a free tier with basic media monitoring functionalities. Track keywords and receive mentions across various social platforms. It’s a good starting point, but keep in mind limitations like limited historical data access, lack of advanced analytics, and capped mentions per day. Socialert’s paid plans unlock more features, but for serious media monitoring, you might need a more robust platform.

BuzzSumo: dive deep into content insights

While BuzzSumo isn’t a direct CrowdTangle replacement, it excels in a specific media monitoring niche: content insights.  Discover trending topics, analyze what content resonates with your audience, and identify high-performing influencers. Use this knowledge to craft engaging content that gets shared and drives results.  While BuzzSumo offers some social listening features, its focus is on content strategy and competitor analysis, making it a valuable addition to your media monitoring toolkit.


To Conclude

Choosing the right alternative depends on your specific needs. Consider factors like budget, desired features, and the social platforms you prioritize. We’ve listed several tools that can be good CrowdTangle alternatives, but these are not all, of course. Remember – choosing the right tool may have a huge impact on the course of your strategy and the effectiveness of your business efforts, so choose wisely.

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