Marketing and promoting software poses unique challenges. Because these products and services aren’t physical, there’s no tangible way for customers to interact with them and make an informed purchase decision.

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Plus, SaaS can be technically complex, which makes it difficult to communicate their value proposition effectively to a non-technical audience.

So, when developing marketing strategies, B2B SaaS companies must simplify technical concepts and features into clear benefits that resonate with their target audience.

How can you achieve this? We rounded up a list of the best B2B SaaS marketing campaigns to give you a good idea of how to market your product in a way that informs and captivates your audience.

1. HubSpot: Grow Better

Inbound marketing and sales software company HubSpot aims to help businesses achieve sustainable growth by transforming how they attract, engage, and delight customers.

What sets HubSpot apart is its focus on taking an inbound approach to marketing. This methodology leverages the power of customers coming to you instead of you going to them. 

People actively searching for a business or product are more likely to convert into customers.

This very inbound approach was central to HubSpot’s Grow Better campaign. HubSpot offers a wealth of educational content and resources to inform business owners looking for ways to grow better.

These include blog posts, ebooks, webinars, online courses, case studies, videos, and certification programs.

Screenshot of HubSpot Grow Better landing page

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Throughout this campaign, HubSpot also made it its mission to emphasize its commitment to customer-centric growth. HubSpot prioritizes the needs and preferences of its customers throughout the entire customer journey.

And it encourages other businesses to do the same. What businesses should get from the campaign is the idea that delivering exceptional customer experiences can drive long-term growth and success.

Screenshot of HubSpot Grow Better campaign landing page

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2. Slack: Make Work Better

Slack is well-known for creating the right combination of humor and professionalism in its marketing campaigns.

Screenshot of Slack Facebook ad
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Screenshot of Slack Facebook ad
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Its Facebook campaign, focusing on the message “Make Work Better,” is a great example of how to seamlessly blend social media’s casual, lighthearted atmosphere with the professionalism you’d expect from a business communication tool.

The key thing to pay attention to is Slack’s familiarity with its audience and their needs, which is fewer meetings and a more laid-back approach to working.

This allowed Slack to zero in on its audience and speak to them in the appropriate tone and voice.

3. Zoom: Meet Happy

Zoom is a top video conferencing solution that brings people together, no matter where they are, in a unified platform.

But that’s not what sets Zoom apart from its competitors. It’s Zoom’s focus on bringing happiness to its users.

Screenshot of Zoom about page
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Photo of hands coming together to represent Zoom's collaboration platform
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Zoom’s Meet Happy campaign highlights the platform’s user-friendly interface and features, allowing for a seamless meeting experience.

The happiness aspect is all about making video meetings enjoyable. It lets Zoom’s target audience know that meetings don’t have to be dull or stressful. They can be enjoyable and engaging experiences for participants.

The campaign encourages users to “meet happy” by using Zoom’s features for interactive collaboration, such as screen-sharing, virtual backgrounds, and chat functions.

Screenshot of Zoom Facebook video showing accessibility features
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Another thing that Zoom highlights is the platform’s accessibility features.

A Facebook video, shown in the screenshot above, shows how the platform allows people from diverse backgrounds and locations to connect and collaborate effectively.

It showcases features like closed captioning, screen reader support, and keyboard accessibility, making virtual meetings accessible to all users.

4. Zapier: Programmatic SEO

Zapier launched an SEO campaign to generate new leads and drive more traffic to its website.

The app integration and automation platform, allowing businesses to build no-code connections to their apps, created unique landing pages for each integration. 

It even used unique, context-specific CTAs to avoid duplicate content and remove the need to navigate back to a central dashboard or control panel.

Screenshot of Zapier landing page for Zapier ClickUp integration
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For example, you can see Zapier’s dedicated landing page for ClickUp integrations in the screenshot above.

Zapier even had ClickUp link back to its landing page on ClickUp’s integrations page.

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This effort is part of Zapier’s link-building strategy, which shows Google that since high-authority sites are linking to Zapier’s, it must be a high-authority, trustworthy site, too. This further boosts SEO rankings.

Screenshot of ClickUp landing page for Zapier ClickUp integration
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Zapier also creates search-engine-friendly content through informative blog posts. Topics focus on automation, productivity, and workflow optimization.

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Screenshot of Zapier blog post on productivity at work
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Using relevant keywords and leveraging other on-page SEO strategies, Zapier ranks on the first page for many of its blog posts.

Screenshot of Google search results for the keyword manage your energy at work
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This SEO-driven campaign helped Zapier generate 7.3 million site visitors per month.

One of the best ways to market your products is to educate your target audience. 

Zendesk, a customer service software company, does this with its comprehensive report on customer experience (CX) trends.

Screenshot of Zendesk landing page for its CX trends report
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In the report, businesses can learn about emerging trends and best practices in customer service and support.

Zendesk launched a YouTube video to raise awareness about its research, including a link in the description to download the report.

Screenshot of Zendesk YouTube video promoting its CX trends report
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The company also launched a campaign on LinkedIn, where a large portion of its target audience likes to hang out, to get more eyes on the report.

CX Trends LinkedIn posts
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Zendesk also took to X (formerly Twitter) to invite potential customers to its annual flagship conference, Zendesk Relate, in Las Vegas to discuss what’s next in CX.

This event complements the report by offering a live forum for industry professionals to get practical insights to enhance their customer experience strategies.

Screenshot of Zapier Twitter post promoting its CX conference
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Showcasing the research it’s performed on CX trends, Zendesk positions itself as a thought leader in customer experience and service innovation.

6. Service Provider Pro: Alternatives Pages created a cluster of alternative pages to target those looking for tools.

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The cluster has two main focuses: capture leads that are looking for alternative client portal software and convince those who already know about Service Provider Pro that it’s the best choice.

In order to do the latter, the central cluster page features multiple testimonials, but also a CTA to talk to the customer success team.

Those who still want to check out the competing tools can do so on the underlying pages that compare them to Service Provider Pro. On each page, the tools go head-to-head when it comes to pricing and their feature set.

6. Cloudbeds: Life Before Cloudbeds

Cloudbeds is a great example of a fun and engaging marketing campaign.

It’s a hospitality management software platform that helps hotels, vacation rentals, and other businesses in hospitality simplify operations and maximize revenue.

To promote its platform, Cloudbed launched a humorous video ad showing the huge contrast between what things were like in a hotel before and after using Cloudbeds. 

The ad opens with the peaceful atmosphere of a hotel lobby. Guests are happy and satisfied with the service. 

Revenge of the Traveler - Life Before Cloudbeds
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But before this, guests were frustrated due to overbookings. They also experienced friction because the hotel lacked a payment integration system.

The hotel also didn’t have an easy-to-use reservations calendar, so it wasn’t alerted of early check-ins, which would interfere with late check-outs.

And without a booking engine, the hotel still took bookings over the phone.

IIn the ad, Cloudbeds shows how it solved all these problems and how having reliable hotel operations software can improve hotel operations.

7. Typeform: Locked In

Typeform, a form and survey maker, launched a product marketing campaign for its video conversation platform, VideoAsk.

Screenshot of landing page for Typeform VideoAsk platform
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With the platform, users can create short video clips to host on their websites for lead generation, audience feedback, customer engagement, and more.

To promote VideoAsk, Typeform created a short film, “Locked In,” which shows how the platform works.

Screenshot of interactive Typeform YouTube video promoting its VideoAsk platform
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In the movie, users choose what happens to the character based on a question prompt. This interaction allows potential customers to experience firsthand the engagement they can expect from their videos.

8. Wistia: One, Ten, One Hundred

Wistia is a video hosting platform for B2B marketers, allowing them to create, host, and track the impact of their videos.

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The company typically uses video content marketing to promote its products, which is very fitting. But Wistia takes things a bit further with its award-winning documentary series, “One, Ten, One Hundred.”

Screenshot of landing page for Wistia's One,Ten, One Hundred documentary
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The series follows a video production company based in Los Angeles, which must create three marketing videos using one of Wistia’s products.

Each video has three different budgets: $1,000, $10,000, and $100,000.

This is one of the best B2B SaaS marketing campaigns because it uses creativity.

Potential customers can see how Wistia’s products work, enjoy an entertaining story, and put themselves in the starring company’s shoes.

Wistia’s documentary represents a prime example of how video marketing works, which is an advertisement‌ (without appearing spammy). It’s no wonder that video marketing converts 88% of customers.

It’s why Wistia went on to create other content series — “Show Business” and “Gear Squad vs. Dr. Boring.”

9. Work Without Limits’s marketing strategy isn’t like your traditional SaaS B2B company’s marketing plan.

Even though it’s a project management platform, it targets individual users through direct ads instead of focusing on CEOs and other stakeholders.

The brand uses channels like Google Ads and social ads on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. It also leverages out-of-home (OOH) advertising methods, such as billboards and subways, to reach a wider audience. subway ad
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The B2B business model involves targeting business customers looking for solutions to problems they experience at their organization.

But before making a purchase, they tend to have a lot of questions that need answers.

So, your marketing campaigns must focus on educating prospective customers to stand out from the crowd and captivate potential users.

That means you must go beyond listing product features. Instead, look to create high-quality content, foster emotional connections, and leverage the power of visuals to attract potential buyers.

Need help? Use these effective marketing campaigns as inspiration to drive meaningful engagement and conversions for your SaaS brand.

You can also use a media monitoring tool like Determ to track and analyze the performance of your marketing campaigns and stay updated on the latest competitor activities and industry trends.

Are you ready to increase your conversion rates? Book a demo today. 

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