Marketing in SaaS: What, How, and Why Do We Do It?

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    Klara Malnar

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    Jun, 23, 2022

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Working in product marketing in the SaaS industry means constantly stepping out of your comfort zone and getting used to new activities at various seniority levels. This can mean, for example, trying out new forms, such as video recording, or requiring strategic and analytical thinking even at low levels of seniority.

Namely, the job of a marketer in SaaS is not the same from month to month, let alone from year to year. Unlike corporations, where the opportunities for research and change are somewhat less available due to existing processes, in the SaaS industry, the situation is much more dynamic, agile, and prone to change.

What do we do?

Determ’s nine-member marketing team is divided into advertising and content & PR. We deal with potential. We attract potential customers and potential employees and show the full potential of our product.

We do this by working on our content, advertising, and improving conversions through certain parts of the marketing funnel by sending messages through various channels.

Since we firmly believe that a “jack of all trades is a master of none”, we strive to ensure that all members of our team are highly specialized in what they do. This means that, for example, our advertiser does not need to be skilled in copywriting or visuals because we have other team members who specialize in just that.

The uniqueness of our marketing team is that we really allow everyone to take responsibility for any activity they want to do.

If you are the type of marketer who feels constrained because you cannot realize your ideas due to excessive administration or too many people in the process, Determ is the ideal place where you can realize them.

The main activity of Determ’s marketers is testing new messages on various channels. That is one of the advantages of working in this business – everything can be tested. The disadvantage, however, is that only 10% of ideas end up being functional. This part of the job requires a “we can” mindset that focuses more on how to do something than why not to do it.

We strive to measure the outcome of all our activities. We are not idealists, it is clear to us that certain activities, such as working on content, usually achieve visible results only after half a year or more. Nevertheless, we are committed to achieving results.

We stick to clearly communicating what we want to achieve with all our activities, and in what time period. This means we often replace creative sessions of creating new ads, creating content, and brainstorming in general, with filling in tables with the numbers of collected leads, their further conversion through the funnel, prices of individual channels, etc.

Since we are a digital product, we are more focused on online communication, so we get leads through paid ads or organic channels (PR, SEO, social networks, etc.). In addition, from time to time we cooperate with specialized magazines.

About the team…

From the Marketing office, you can always hear a lot of jokes and laughter, but also serious discussions about whether it is correct to write “hello, team” or should it be “hello team,”. I don’t think we have reached a consensus to this day…

Also, since we are a pet-friendly office, Biserka and Tara sometimes join us in the office, which is always a particularly nice day of the week.

In the photo above, you can see Biba (on the left) listening intently to what we are talking about at the weekly meeting, and Tara (on the right) carefully following the discussion on the terrace.

We’re very proud of the great team collaboration and atmosphere. We have no fear or pressure of possible mistakes because they are an integral part of the job and always direct us to something better and more efficient. This is best described in the words of a colleague we will not name: “We are not doctors, we do not save lives.”

That we don’t save lives is also confirmed by the fact that all the plants we had in the office (and that we tried to keep alive) were ready for waste, until they magically recovered during lockdown when we weren’t in the office.

Since sports activities are generally not our thing, we sometimes decide to challenge ourselves and do some physical activity such as laser tag on teambuilding. Guess what we talked about the most after our recent teambuilding?

Muscle aches.

We hope that in these short lines we have managed to convey the spirit and everyday life of Determ’s marketing team.

If you are an independent person eager for dynamics and the opportunity to try different techniques and channels, check out our careers page to see currently open positions or to send us an open application. 🙂

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