Shaping the Public Opinion: The Role of Media Monitoring in Politics

  • matea

    Matea Kolić

    Customer Success Manager

In the world of politics, managing the public opinion is everything. This goes without saying for any part of the electoral process.

Even before electoral announcements are made, the power of understanding public sentiment and crafting an effective strategy becomes evident. In this context, media monitoring emerges as an indispensable tool to grasp public perception and drive campaign success.

Our webinar dives deep into the intricacies of media monitoring throughout the election cycle, guiding you through the pre-election, campaign, and post-election phases.

Matea goes through the following topics and strategies, showing you the know-how and real life experience from working with numerous clients throughout the years.

What you’ll learn:

Before the Elections

  • Unveiling critical topics
  • Undestanding your audience
  • Selecting the right channels

During the Elections

  • Adaptive communication
  • Managing candidate reputation
  • Tracking competitors
  • Crisis management

After the Elections

  • Assessing the outcome
  • Predicting future strategies

Watch and enhance your political campaigns with data-driven precision!

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