One tool, many possibilities

Get all the relevant data you need quickly, without having to leave your office.

role market researchers

Real-time market research with instant reporting

No more slow traditional methods

Collect and analyse your data in real-time while also saving time and money.

The world is where you are

Look for relevant mentions anywhere in the world, and in any lanugage to find new opportunites on a global scale.

Valuable insights

Choose between predefined and custom reports to dig deeper into your data.

Book a consultation with our product experts and get a personalized product demo. No commitment.

Take it from our clients

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“Sometimes we come across articles that we didn’t know mentioned us or that our product was installed in some market. We also find different smart conferences happening worldwide, and then we ask local partners whether they’re interested in going. With Determ, we’re informed, educated, and we’re saving time."

"I love that we have an overview of all our mentions in one feed and the analytics, as well. At first, I thought that Determ would be a database of some sort, so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw additional analytics and options to perform more complex analyses."

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