Exness uses Determ to monitor the impact of their local and global PR campaigns

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Exness is a global multi-asset broker which uses a unique combination of technology and ethics to create a favorable market for traders and raise the industry benchmark. Exness’ ethos and vision revolve around the concept of offering its clients a frictionless trading experience, by bringing to life the financial markets in the way they should be experienced. Today, Exness is recognized as the largest multi-asset broker, with a monthly trading volume of over $4 trillion and a loyal client base that counts over 600,000 active traders.

For this case study, we interviewed Eleonora Oikonomidou, a senior PR manager. Eleonora focuses on developing key performance indicators (KPIs) and analyzing the performance of both global and regional PR strategies.


When Eleonora and her team work on a campaign, they need to measure if their campaign had any impact or if they need to take a different approach. Initially, they wanted to know if their campaigns were speaking to the right audience, if there was an impact online, and to have a competitive analysis of where they were compared to everyone else. 

Their primary need was to measure the effectiveness of their communication strategy and ensure that they were speaking to the right audience. Using Determ allowed them to measure their impact and conduct a competitive analysis, identifying their competitors’ presence in the media landscape and strategically positioning themselves in a similar way.

When asked why they decided to get a media monitoring tool like Determ, Eleonora said:

“We need a monitoring solution because, in marketing, it's crucial to assess the impact and valuation of every campaign and every action. Are you achieving good results? Are you making an impact? We need to answer these questions and determine if the audience is actually perceiving our intended message”


When Eleonora came to Exness and started using Determ, she had support from Determ’s Customer Success Manager, who helped her understand the platform’s benefits and how to utilize it. She said that Determ has a very friendly interface, making it easy to navigate and create customized reports and highly polished presentations for clients.

Initially, she was the only tool user for a year and a half. However, many people from other teams also wanted to get insights for their campaigns. Every department in the company has a benefit they can use to make better numbers in their campaigns.

Eleonora said that she likes that they can track potential crises because they want to be proactive, see what is going on, and they can turn the narrative positive without any damage.

The three features that Eleonora uses the most are share of voice because the feature shows not only the competition but also compares their data to get the whole picture. For example, they compare the paid PR, against their organic PR and social media PR to see how they stand. The second is estimated reach, which Eleonora said is very important for them because it is an excellent indication of whether a website is good or not. The third is checking the websites themselves and seeing the influencer score because, with that, they can see if they hit the share of voice for the month. The score helps them pick the right websites with the highest influence score.

“This is crucial because we regularly review our analytics every month or quarter. We assessed our performance over the past three months, checking if we met targets and key performance indicators (KPIs) and made an impact. Our aim is to stay ahead of the competition, so we examine if we achieved that. The share of voice remains a key factor in this evaluation.”


When asked how many hours she would spend daily doing everything that Determ does, Eleonora answered that it would be impossible to do that. She said that she could not get the numbers by herself when reporting on a third-party website because Determ does all the heavy lifting. Also, they do global campaigns, and measuring things worldwide is nearly impossible. Without Determ, they wouldn’t have the competitive analysis that they use daily, and they use it to track their success.

"Maybe I would need a team of ten people. And that's not even possible. I think it's important to have a tool so you can understand what's going on."

When asked what is the best part of the Determ experience, she stated that the customer support is fantastic and that without their help, she would never manage to do everything she does right now.

"There are some impossible tasks that your team always helps no matter what. I've tried other tools just to see what's out there. Many tools do the same thing or similar things, but the level of customer support I'm receiving from Determ is amazing. I would not change that for anything similar.”

She pointed out how the whole design is very clean, that everything can be found very easily, and that you can make a presentation visually appealing to everyone. Also, she would always choose Determ because customer support is the most important thing, and she and her whole team are 100% satisfied with our customer service. 

Regarding features, Eleonora uses custom reports. She created a dedicated custom report for each use case (i.e. crisis report), and every month, she just goes into the report, changes the date, and instantly has a new set of numbers and all of the analytics. 

"While your pre-made reports are fantastic for a quick overview, I prefer customizing them myself because you offer a broader range of options for personalization.”

When asked if she would recommend Determ to others, Eleonora said:

"A ten out of ten. Because that would give them a lot of freedom to do other things because there's a tool doing the hard work for you, so I would absolutely recommend Determ. A ten out of ten."

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