Top 10 Influencer Marketing Tools You Should Use In Your Next Campaign

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    Iva Glavinić

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    Nov, 28, 2017

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Influencer marketing is growing big, which means it’s not a surprise that there are a lot of tools out there. There are many free or almost free ways to find and manage influencers that you can start using immediately.

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While some of these influencer marketing tools have a paid version, they all have a free plan or offer a trial during which you can get a lot of data.

Here are our top 10 choices:

1. Ninja Outreach

NinjaOutreach has a searchable database of over 5 million influencers and 25 million websites. It also provides an option to search through live social media feeds for influencers that recently wrote about a topic. Type in a keyword, and you can find thousands of bloggers and business leads in seconds for your target keywords in any niche. You can filter by tags like bloggers, influencers, and companies. They offer a free trial, and the subscription starts from as low as $19 /month (for a Blogger Plan).

Price: Free trial, $19 /month

2. Buzzsumo

buzzsumo influencer marketing tools

The premise of Buzzsumo is simple but powerful: you input a phrase you want to track and the tools show the most viral articles and blogs on that topic. The tool is best for finding journalists and bloggers, but you can of course search for social media stars as well. One of the most popular tools among content marketers, with prices starting at an affordable $99/ month.

Price:  Free trial, free limited search without signup

3. Twitonomy

twitonomy influencer tools

Get detailed and visual analytics on anyone’s tweets, retweets, replies, mentions, and hashtags. Browse, search, filter, and get insights on the people you follow and those who follow you.

Price: Free

4. Determ

determ influencer marketing tools

Determ tracks keywords and social media hashtags from 100 million sources, then show conversations, sentiment, and top influencers on a given social media channel, filtered by location and language. The trial version includes up to 50.000 results on unlimited keywords, while the packages start at $82,5/ month.

Price: Pricing available upon request.

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4. Moju


A database of 1 million Instagram influencers, searchable by the number of followers, engagement rate, gender, country, and language. You can see the gender, age, and location breakdown of followers, as well as a graph showing the growth of influencers over time. Starting at $99 / month, Moju is well worth exploring for small and mid-sized businesses.

Price: Free trial, $99 / month

6. Heepsy


With a 2 million Instagram influencers database, Heepsy monitors one network but does the job well. They have advanced filters, including location and topic, and their pricing makes them ideal for smaller companies. The lowest plan costs nothing and includes bio search and access to 2 million followers, and starting from $9/month, you can also get location search.

Price: Free, $9/month for location search

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7. Hashtagify


Hashtagify makes it easy to search for hashtags on Instagram and Twitter, with historical data that goes 5+ years on higher plans. It shows you the top influencers posting about the hashtag and see hashtag performance. The basic plan allows you to analyze up to 50,000 data points (tweets, RT, Posts, and Interactions) on Twitter and Instagram for $29/month.

Price: Free for a limited number of searches

Update: Their Instagram tracking is temporarily unavailable due to new Instagram policies and API changes.

8. Focalmark

Suggests hashtags that connect your posts to an authentic audience. For example, if you type in beauty, it will suggest related hashtags other people on Instagram have used. This mix of human and machine means the suggestions are relevant and increase exposure. In addition to finding the best hashtags for your personal use, use the suggestions from Focalmark to find influencers using the hashtag by inserting a hashtag in a social media monitoring tool like Determ to see the list of top influencers that are using it.

Price: Free for a limited number of hashtags, add-ons for $0.99 and $2.99

Update: Focalmark currently does not have a web platform, but you can download it on both Apple and Android devices.

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9. Crowdfire

While not one of the typical influencer marketing tools, Crowdfire is excellent because it helps you post content more efficiently, at a more appropriate time, and create pre-made posts that you can post across channels simultaneously. First, it gets to know you – it connects and analyzes all your accounts. Next, it monitors your accounts in real time and determines how you can grow.

Price: Free trial, free plan. Paid plans start at $9.99/per month

10. Followerwonk

Followerwonk helps you explore and grow your social graph. Digging into your Twitter analytics analyzes your followers, where they are located, and when they tweet. It also helps you find and connect with new influencers in your niche via Twitter bio search, which can be done by searching for keywords.

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Price: You can compare several users for free without signing up. The tool offers a free trial and a free plan for 1 user. Paid plans start at $ 29 /month.

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