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[Success story] European Parliament Information Office Croatia Prevents Information Overload with Determ

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    Ivana Tafra

  • Published

    Apr, 04, 2017

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European Parliament Information Office Croatia is dedicated to working with younger audiences and closely collaborates with the media, educational institutions and NGOs in Croatia. Other than working on offline activities and with the wider public and stakeholders, they are also active in the digital sphere. In this aspect, they deliver daily reports to Croatian Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) on viral news in Croatia.

As keeping detailed track of engaging digital content in the Croatian context would consume enough time to represent a full-time job, European Parliament Information Office Croatia was looking for a solution on how to automatically get the most important news and inform MEPs via a daily newsletter without placing an additional workload on several members of its small staff.

With its wide online coverage as well as automatic reach and virality analysis, Determ proved to be the right tool to provide that information. European Parliament Information Office Croatia, therefore, uses Determ to obtain social media and web content with the largest reach and virality. By searching a large number of keywords, Determ provides all the relevant mentions and automatically analyses its reach and virality.

A newsletter is then created from the most viral Croatian links and sent out daily to Croatian MEPs and their offices. On average, Determ finds approximately 2000 mentions per day. Approximately 15% of those mentions come from social media, which would be almost impossible to search manually.

It would take hours to go through those news, while analyzing, categorizing and counting engagement would take even more time. With Determ automating both search and analysis, European Parliament Information Office Croatia simply go through the most popular news and choose those relevant to the MEPs. The selection process is therefore done in minutes instead of hours.

In their own words:

By using different topics in our search for maximum online engagement, we are provided with accurate and detailed reports which keep our MEPs up to date with viral digital content. If we searched for online content without any tool to assist us, it might take up to 10 minutes to read and process each post or web piece. We would need another employee to merely search the web for viral content. By using Determ, we have significantly reduced social media and web monitoring time which allows us to focus on other PR and online priority tasks of the day.

Andrea Čović Vidović
Public Relations

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