Product Branding: How to Give Identity to Your Product

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    Dec, 27, 2022

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Developing a product identity is more than coming up with the right packaging or logo design. In our fast-paced multimedia-influenced world, authentic product branding is essential for businesses looking to differentiate themselves from competitors. 

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Marketers have recently concluded that the two major elements of digital marketing are Product Branding and Public Relations, and they must not be ignored. Usually, anyone who is not an expert in marketing, advertising, or public relations can confuse the terms and find it difficult to distinguish between them.

In this article, we will explain product identity and branding and its elements, discuss its importance, then finally demonstrate how it goes hand in hand with public relations.


What Exactly is the Meaning of Branding?

It is the process of creating a brand for a standalone product, giving it a unique, distinguishable identity. It helps manufacturers and retailers manipulate buyers’ feelings and thoughts about products in the pre-purchase phase. The product’s general feel and identity communicate to potential clients what to expect when buying. Product branding promotes a particular product through all means of advertising and distinctive design.

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What are the elements of product branding?

  1. The colors: They are one of the most important branding elements, and science shows that colors impact humans’ behaviors, moods, and stress levels. 
  2. The logo and design: Humans are visual creatures, and many people purchase because they like a product’s logo and design and want to try it out.
  3. The name and description: Brands are leaning increasingly towards giving their products a distinct name since people seem to like them and identify with them, increasing sales. 
  4. The product packaging design: Good and catchy packaging gives the feel of a higher-end product of great quality. Brands that take care of the packaging of their products usually get better reviews and make more sales.

The product’s identity is built with numerous components that create an emotional connection for the customer.

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What Is the Importance of Product Branding?

There are many benefits to product branding; two of the prime importance are:

  1. Knowing the value proposition: Distinguished items stand out on shelves. The products that are branded strongly make people choose them over the competition. When products are seen all over the internet and recommended by experts, the value proposition becomes a major accelerator in revenue-driving.
  2. Building product loyalty: Building loyalty comes from meeting the customers’ expectations that the business has made when branding and describing products. When businesses deliver their promises about products, they build an emotional attachment with them, giving the company a 306% higher lifetime value.

The brand is not the logo; the logo is the image that communicates the meaning behind a brand. The brand is the connection, the emotions, and the perceived value. It is what a customer feels and thinks when they see the product and choose it from among all the others on the shelf. Branding makes the customer buy for the feeling, the experience, and because it is meaningful to them.

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Branding Elements
Branding elements

How do Product Branding and Public Relations Go Hand in Hand?

Branding and public relations influence one another when building a product brand and propagating it in the market. Doing so is only possible when the business invests in public relations; it is a crucial element marketers use to support branding in marketing communications.

Professionals in both public relations and branding use diverse methods to attract the media’s interest in a product or service to develop positive public expectations. The skill of creating brand loyalty with the help of public relations and then maintaining it is a perfect marketing method. Careful management of public relations seeks to back up a brand or product’s identity in the minds and hearts of consumers.

Lately, brands have been connecting and building relations with customers using an element loved by most on the internet today. For example, memes; whether by creating their own or using a blank meme template that’s trending online, it proved to be a successful method in attracting customers’ support and developing emotions.

Many companies have a staff composed of professionals in public relations and branding who work to promote products because brand awareness is about the consumer’s interest in recognizing a product. And a good public relations campaign for a product is about brand awareness.

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mc donalds-brand-values
McDonalds brand values


Product branding is an essential step in any marketing campaign; giving products a unique identity, creating something that the targeted audience can relate to, and developing a connection with is what guarantees the product’s success.

There is no better way to make all that happen than to combine the efforts of experts in public relations, marketing, and branding professionals altogether.

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