5 PR Trends to Look Out for in 2024

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    Dec, 23, 2019

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2023 is coming to a close, and what a year it’s been. So, what have we learned? What is the state of PR now? What PR trends do we ring in the new year with?

This blog will uncover the top 5 PR trends in 2024. Let’s redefine strategies, reshape messaging, and steer professionals toward unparalleled success.

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Here’s what PR professionals had to say on what we can expect from PR in 2024.

Media Coverage and Reach

In public relations, getting the word out about a company is usually the most important. As we unveil the top PR trends for 2024, getting media coverage and reach will continue to dominate the landscape.

Our research on PR statistics highlights the role media coverage plays in communicating the essence of a brand or company. A staggering 79% of respondents, mostly seasoned PR professionals, emphasized their reliance on showcasing media coverage and reach to prove the value of their work to the C-suite and clients alike. This shows the lasting significance of traditional and digital media platforms in shaping public perception and influencing stakeholder sentiments.

How do you prove the value of your work to your C-suite or clients_
“How do you prove the value of your work to your C-suite or clients?” Question from Determ survey on PR statistics

When it comes to reach, the definition of it extends beyond traditional metrics. Beyond mere quantitative measures, the focus is shifting towards qualitative aspects, such as engagement, sentiment analysis, and the overall impact on brand reputation. This approach acknowledges the multifaceted nature of modern communication, where each interaction contributes to a brand’s narrative.

Getting on board with this trend in 2024 means knowing all the different ways to connect with people through media. There are many options, like writing articles that show expertise, releasing press releases, teaming up with others, and working with influencers. 

In the coming year, PR professionals will need to adapt strategies to the preferences of a digitally savvy audience. By harnessing the power of media coverage and strategically expanding reach, organizations can carve a distinctive niche in an environment marked by perpetual change. The ability to tell stories and curate resonating experiences will undoubtedly emerge as a cornerstone for PR success.

AI-Assisted Content Creation

When time is of the essence, artificial intelligence (AI) makes things easier. Our research at Determ shows that 62% of PR professionals find that creating content, like pitches and press releases, takes the most time. This highlights the hard work put into making messages that connect with the people we want to reach.

Looking into 2024, PR professionals recognize the need to use AI more efficiently. 76% believe understanding and using AI and technology is essential for success in PR and marketing. This shift in thinking shows that people see technology like AI as a helper, not a problem, in our work.

Determ AI Synthia_Benefits
Determ’s AI assistant, Synthia, can analyze mentions and provide a summary along with valuable insights.

Our research also shows that 82% of PR professionals think AI is useful for creating and improving content. It’s like having a smart assistant that helps us write better and faster. Looking forward, 45.53% of PR teams plan to use content editing tools powered by AI in 2024. This means more people are seeing AI as a real tool to make their work better and smoother.

As PR pros team up with AI in the coming year, we can expect big changes in creating content. AI isn’t here to replace us but to support our creativity. Using AI in PR to care for the repetitive parts, we can focus more on making our messages stand out. So, in 2024, prepare for a PR world where humans and AI work hand in hand, bringing out the best in each other.

ESG, DEI & Authenticity and Transparency

Out of all the PR trends in 2024, this one says the most about how brands will position themselves and shape their messaging strategies. 

Major shifts are on the horizon, and authenticity takes the spotlight. According to our findings at Determ, 55% of PR professionals point to a significant trend—ESG (Environmental, social and corporate governance). This emphasizes the importance of sustainability and ethical business practices, showcasing a collective commitment to responsible corporate conduct.

What do you think will be the main trends that will shape global PR efforts in 2024_

Almost equally significant, at 54%, is the anticipation of a heightened focus on authenticity and transparency. Building genuine connections and communicating openly have become top priorities in PR strategies. It’s not just about what you say; it’s about being real and letting people see the company’s true character.

Additionally, Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion (DEI) emerged as a prominent trend, with 51% of PR professionals predicting its continued importance. This underscores the industry’s recognition of the growing need to champion diversity and inclusion within PR campaigns, reflecting a commitment to reflecting the richness of perspectives in our communications.

As we navigate 2024, these trends indicate a collective shift towards responsible, transparent, and inclusive practices in the PR realm. Companies that embrace these principles are poised to not only meet evolving societal expectations but also foster stronger connections with their audiences.

Surveys and Social Listening

Continuing the exploration of PR trends for 2024, a significant focus lies in understanding audiences more deeply. According to our research at Determ, a substantial 47% of PR professionals have actively utilized surveys in the past year, highlighting the prevalence of this method in gathering valuable insights. Additionally, a close 46% have turned to social listening, underscoring the importance of tuning into social media conversations to gauge public sentiment.

Importance of social listening

As we move forward, PR professionals recognize the critical role of understanding audience perspectives and how their messages resonate. Brands are increasingly turning to surveys as a robust data collection method, ensuring they have a pulse on their audience’s evolving preferences and opinions. Likewise, social listening tools allow brands to keep their fingers on the pulse of online conversations, helping them adapt their strategies in real time.

In the backdrop of recent years introducing the phenomenon of “cancel culture,” where brands faced backlash for insensitive campaigns and noninclusive messaging, 2024 places a premium on preemptive understanding. Brands recognize the need to tap into audience opinions before launching to the world, safeguarding their brand reputation and ensuring that their communication aligns with the values and sentiments of their audience. Leveraging surveys and social listening becomes not just a trend but a strategic imperative for building lasting connections and fostering positive brand perception.

Advanced-Data Analysis

Data, data, data. If we repeat it enough times, it might take. 

Navigating the path forward can sometimes feel like a journey in the dark. However, these advanced analytics emerge as the guiding light for PR professionals.

Our research at Determ sheds light on the evolving ways PR professionals track and analyze media mentions. A substantial 59% use media monitoring tools and social listening platforms. This preference signals a clear shift towards comprehensive and automated solutions.

Social listening tools track over 100+ million online sources

The reliance will keep growing, with 62% of PR teams planning to use media monitoring tools in 2024. The persistent need for real-time tracking underscores their continued importance in crafting effective PR strategies. These tools offer a window into current media coverage and provide insights that are impossible to attain manually.

Social listening tools, a subset of these advanced analytics, are indispensable in providing insights into media coverage. Their role becomes even more pronounced as 87% of PR professionals rely overwhelmingly on press releases for media coverage. Social media campaigns, considered the most effective PR tactic by 70%, further amplify the importance of tools that can capture and analyze the vast data generated across these platforms.

As we enter 2024, integrating advanced data analytics enhances the precision of PR efforts. It becomes a linchpin in navigating the complexities of a media landscape characterized by constant evolution and dynamic audience expectations.


As 2023 draws to a close, we look forward to transformative PR trends in 2024. 

From prioritizing media coverage and reach to embracing AI-assisted content creation, the industry is poised for significant shifts. Authenticity, transparency, and responsible practices take center stage, reflecting a commitment to ESG and DEI principles. Surveys and social listening emerge as indispensable tools for understanding audience perspectives. Advanced data analytics, including media monitoring tools, become linchpins for navigating the dynamic media landscape. 

In 2024, the spotlight on media monitoring tools remains crucial. After all, they guide PR professionals with real-time insights for informed and effective strategies. Want to know more about how your business can benefit from media monitoring?

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