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New Feature: Slack Integration

  • Author

    Lucija Trogrlić

  • Published

    Jan, 20, 2016

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    2 min

We are happy to announce that you can integrate Determ in your Slack communication channels and groups! Slack (team communication platform) users, can now get notified every time their brand is mentioned anywhere online, both web and social media, in real time.

Slack connects all the tools you use, Determ does the same with your online mentions
You can connect all the tools you use to Slack and avoid all that constant switching between apps. Also, set up your integration so that you get all your notifications directly within Slack – from support requests, code check-ins, and error logs to sales leads – all of them searchable in one central archive.
Determ is a media monitoring tool that notifies you every time your brand is mentioned anywhere on the internet, in real time. We all know the importance of having the relevant information in the right moment, so Determ is aimed not only toward marketing and PR professionals but also to all the employees of your company.

Determ and Slack together
And what you get when you integrate Determ in Slack? Slack connects all the tools you use and Determ does the same with all of your online mentions. Now that two services are integrated, you will receive a notification every time your brand is mentioned online incorporated in your team communication. At the same time, only one click is separating you from detailed data and analytics behind every mention in Determ dashboard.

Determ’s team also uses Slack
Our team is also using Slack in our daily team communication, so this integration was a logical step. Anyone from our team can now take a quick look at what is talking about our brands on Internet, and all that while communicating with teammates. Integration allows us to leave sometimes funny comments (a lot of these, actually) in corporate culture fashion. At the same time, every person can give a piece of advice to colleagues if, for example, comes to crisis.
Furthermore, assigning tasks is made easier for management. You just need to tag a person to assign, for example, a Twitter enquiry that needs to be answered, which excludes need to start one of task management tools, such as Asana.
Slacks archive is simple and searchable so you can access any part of any conversation anytime, anywhere.

Follow these simple steps and get your integration started:

First, you need to open Alert settings in Determ dashboard

In the right drop-down menu, select Slack channel

Since this is the first time you’re integrating our Slack application, you’ll need to add our integration to your Slack team. Click Add to Slack

You will be redirected to Slack authorization window. You’ll need to give us permissions to post to one of your channels. Select the desired channel, and click Authorize

After you have successfully authorized Determ integration, you will be redirect back to Alert settings

Next to every group, you’ll have gear icon. Click the gear icon for desired group and check Real Time

Congratulations! You have successfully integrated Determ with your Slack team. Your mention alerts will now be posted from our Determ bot to the channel you authorized. 🙂

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