Introducing the Determ mobile application

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    Iva Anušić

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    Nov, 06, 2019

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As a modern communicator, your work most likely doesn’t stop outside office hours. Or outside office itself, for that matter. Working on the go has become such a huge part of our everyday lives that desktop mode dependence is no longer a viable solution.

Hence, being able to transition from desktop to mobile seamlessly is nowadays not only a commodity but rather a necessity. That is why we made greater working flexibility a priority while developing and designing our new and completely improved Determ mobile application. 

We’re excited to announce that the new app is finally here, so you can now enjoy the Determ experience on any device! 

Features-Mobile app

New Determ mobile app key features

We have completely redesigned the new DDeterm mobile application to suit the needs of every professional on the go. 

Some of the new key features are:

  • A more intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Simplified topic setup and keyword input
  • Analyst mode for manual sentiment grading, tagging, and exporting mentions
  • Fully enhanced Reports section
  • Improved app speed and stability

With a large number of added functionalities, you can perform even more complex tasks straight from your phone. That means you can easily add new topics, filter your feed, set up alerts, and even invite your colleagues without any hassle, whenever and wherever. 

Feed options

The Feed, Reports, and Account tabs are located on the very bottom and are always visible so you can easily switch from one to another at any given moment. 

The process of adding a new topics is completely the same as on the desktop version of the tool and equally as simple: choose whether you want to track keywords and phrases or rather specific sources, enter your keywords, set up filters, and you’re good to go. 


Likewise, the feed options should be familiar as well. If you want to narrow down your results by choosing a certain time frame, sort them by time or reach, or show only results from Twitter, for instance, tap on the filter icon in the upper right corner.

Analyst view

Clicking on the three dots icon in the upper right corner will allow you to activate the Analyst view.

The Analyst view will enable you to select multiple topics at once. Hence, you can manually change the sentiment of selected mentions, add tags, and export them directly to your email address in a matter of seconds. 

Real-time alerts

In those times when crisis strikes, it’s important to have all the important information at your disposal – and even more importantly, to be the first to have them. 

Enabling real-time alerts will allow you to prevent any negative situations that might harm your brand. You’ll get a notification via the Determ mobile application the moment any keyword of your interest is mentioned online. 

You can also set up email alerts on a daily, weekly, or real-time basis directly from the app as well. 

Mobile app_alerts

The Reports 

The Reports section has been enriched in information to provide you with all the most important analytics at a glance. You can easily set the timeframe and monitor the performance of your topic under the freshly updated Reports tab.

Just like in the desktop version of the tool, every chart is now interactive. Once you click on any part of the chart, the app will display additional information regarding the subject of interest. 

Mobile app_reports

Download the Determ mobile app

The new Determ mobile application is now available and can be downloaded on both iOS and Android. If you already have the Determ mobile application downloaded on your phone, simply update it to get the newest version.

We encourage you to try the new app and share your impressions with us. Any feedback is greatly appreciated, as it allows us to further improve our product and pursue our mission of helping you make better information-based business decisions.

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