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    Klara Malnar

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    Jul, 11, 2022

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Customer Success Management teams are usually the point of connection between the “outside world” and the company in which they operate. One of the biggest challenges of every product manager or developer is to predict the behavior and perception of users, and CSMs are exactly the ones who can help them in this. Given that they are in constant communication with clients, CSM also plays a key role in developing and improving the product itself. In addition to knowing the processes in their own company, CSMs must also know their customers and their strategies well in order to provide them with the best possible service.

In the case of Determ, this service includes educating and proactively motivating clients to use all the functionalities provided by the tool as quickly and simply as possible in order to achieve the desired results. In order to do this as efficiently as possible, our CSMs are divided into two mini-teams – Customer Support and Customer Success.

Customer Success management team

The Customer Support team deals with educating clients and answering technical questions such as how to use certain features, setting topics, creating reports, and so on.

On the other hand, the Customer Success team proactively contacts clients with suggestions for improving the use of tools in their business. The Customer Success team is focused on achieving win-win situations for clients and for Determ.

There are more and more clients using our tool, and considering that their satisfaction is our priority, we want to provide each of them with the best possible service and access to timely information. On this issue, all team members unanimously agree – there is nothing they like better than when they help a client reach a given goal or make their daily work easier. 

When you ask the CSM team what they like most about their team, they almost unanimously agree on three things:

  • open and quality communication
  • helping each other and
  • mutual feedback

They are also proud of their community spirit; “nothing is mine, everything is ours” – as they like to say it. Each individual success is actually the success of the whole team and another step closer to providing the best possible service to clients.

The perfect CSM team member

Determ’s CSM team loves the dynamic of their work and the ability to show the client opportunities in the tool that the client was not aware existed. Due to the dynamic of the industry in which we operate and the current growth of the company, this is not even possible. It is very important that everyone has clearly set goals that they focus on, and thinking outside the box and sharing experiences on how to best help clients and the implementation of ideas is highly valued.

For example, it can happen that the client needs the functionality that Determ does not currently offer. For some, the story would end there, but not for our CSM members.

Given that they know the tool inside out, with a little creativity and willpower, the CSM team manages to deliver the desired data to the client through some workaround they have come up with. By creating hundreds of different custom reports, they managed to save the clients hours and hours of work.

Our CSM team is in constant contact with clients all over the world, so they must have highly developed communication skills. Some of our CSMs speak several foreign languages, which can make clients very happy and make their work easier. They are not afraid to communicate via phone or video call, and they respond to clients’ inquiries as soon as possible.

Feedback, feedback, feedback

Ken Blanchard once said that feedback is the breakfast of champions.

In this case, our CSMs are true champions because they are not only not afraid of feedback, but also proactively seek it – either from clients or team members. They don’t see feedback as something bad, quite the contrary. Any feedback is welcome and is an opportunity for further growth and development.

Therefore, it is not surprising when, in addition to regular feedback at meetings, a Google Form appears in the group chat on Slack in which team members ask for feedback on some specific aspect of the work they are doing.

We hope that in these short lines we have managed to convey the spirit and everyday life of Determ’s Customer Success team.

If you want to learn more about us, take a look at our new careers page.

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