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Game of Thrones: the Battle of Social Media

  • Author

    Klara Malnar

  • Published

    Apr, 15, 2019

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    2 min

I remember watching the last episode of Season 7 and thinking: “Sooo, now I have to wait 2 years for the next one!?!?”

Aaand, here we are folks, almost 2 years later. The first episode of the last GoT Season is finally here! Since there was a lot of excitement surrounding the season premiere, we decided to quantify it.

The term Game of Thrones was mentioned over 170 000 times with over 3 and a half billion impressions.

When it comes to channels people used to discuss, Twitter is leading with little more than half of all online mentions.

As you can see on the map below, the show was predominately mentioned in the US (98 484). The interesting thing is that it rarely happens that the whole map is marked blue. The show was literally discussed all around the world. Behind the US, it was mostly mentioned in Mexico (11 627), Argentina (11 080), and Spain (11 039). In Croatia, it was mentioned 720 times.

And while the North is preparing for the battle with the Night King and his Army of the dead, Twitter is already a war zone for those who watch GoT, and those who don’t. It’s quite hilarious actually.

Here are the ones who didn’t watch a single episode of GoT and don’t intend to:

And here are the fans responding:

According to our analysis, haters were in the minority. As you can see from the graph below, the sentiment for the new season was mostly positive!

Finally, the season premiere, apart from Twitter feuds, also brought us some interesting tweets. 

One user got creative and gave us fun facts…

…while another used the opportunity to remind us of climate change.

There you have it, folks!

To all the fans, I wish you a spoiler-free season! And to those who spread spoilers – winter is coming!

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