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Major feed update: search bar, new filtering and sorting options, and endless filtering combinations

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    Iva Anušić

  • Published

    Feb, 03, 2022

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    3 min

We know how important having the ability to perform deep dives into your data is. In order to obtain the most accurate and precious insights, you simply need to have options to search and filter your results to go even further with your analytics – your feed results included

So, you asked, and we listened!

As of Feb 3, 2022, all customers can enjoy the new and improved feed that boasts everything you need to quickly search your topic feed, use new filtering and sorting options, and combine multiple filters. Plus, we have also updated UX/UI and the technology powering our feeds and reports to make the user experience even more intuitive and seamless.

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Determ feed

Search your topic feed 

Using the newly added search bar at the top of your topic feed, you can simply enter an exact word or phrase you wish to track down within your results. As you type your input in the search bar, the results will be instantly visible in the topic feed.

To undo the search, simply erase your input or click on the ‘x’ on the far right of the search bar.

You can also combine your search results with feed filters located in the sidebar to further narrow down the results. This means that you can conduct an even more granular search and analysis of your results – all without using up additional mentions.

So, for instance, if you track your industry in general, you can search for specific terms and phrases within your industry mentions. You could track down mentions that contain ‘tools’, ‘trends’, or whatever your interest might be within a topic dedicated to public relations, for example. Then, you can filter the influence score from 7-10 to see what the industry leaders have to say about the term you’re searching for in your topic feed. It’s a simple way to get even more insights!

New sorting options

We moved the sorting options to the upper-right top of your feed to make it easier to access and navigate. 

Located just above the search bar, there will be two new additions to the feed’s interface: 

  • A reorder mentions in feed option in the form of an arrow that sorts mentions from highest to lowest value (by default), depending on which sorting option you choose – when clicked, the order is reversed.
  • A sort option that allows you to choose whether you want to view your mentions by:
    • Published time (order by the time a specific mention was published online)
    • Last added (order by the time when a specific mention was added to the feed)
    • Reach 
    • Virality.

To elaborate further on the Published time vs. Last added, it’s a simple choice that allows you to see mentions as they were chronologically published or as they entered your feed. The latter enables you to easily keep track of all mentions you didn’t yet check out, as they will be located at the top of your feed. That way, you’ll ensure you don’t miss out on anything!

  • Sources like Forum, Comment, Tripadvisor, and Reddit don’t have value for reach, so in case you choose to Sort by reach, mentions from these sources will remain at the end of your feed, regardless of the order you chose. 
  • Likewise, if you choose to Sort by virality, only mentions from the Website sources have value for virality, and mentions from all other sources will be at the end of the feed. 

New filters and extensive filtering combinations

In addition to the existing date range, source, and sentiment filters (for which we have added a multiple-choice checkbox), you can now also filter your mentions by:

  • Influence score
    • Note: Only Web, Facebook, and Twitter have value for Influence score.
  • Location(s)
  • Language(s)
  • Reach
  • Interactions
  • Engagement
  • Influencers
    • Website domain
    • Twitter handle
    • Facebook page name
    • YouTube channel name
    • Instagram handle (for public profiles)
    • Forum domain
    • Comment domain
    • Reddit handle
    • Note: The Influencers filter is case sensitive and input must be an exact match.
  • Authors
  • Virality
  • Tag(s).

You can combine all filters listed above to only see a feed of mentions that reflect the applied filters. Additionally, you can combine numerous filters with the feed search option. Simply check your upgraded sidebar and play around with various combinations. 

The ability to combine numerous filters allows you to fine-tune your topic results down to the finest detail possible. The opportunities are endless!

Applying filters to your feed does not change your topic setup. 

To sum up

The newest addition to Determ includes an abundance of features that allow you to dig deep into your topic feed and take a granular look at your results. Type in a search term, apply chosen filters, and analyze away! 

P.S. Soon enough, the newly added filters will also be available in your reports! Stay tuned for more!

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