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DETERM GUIDE: Keyword setup

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    Gabrijela Orsag

  • Published

    Jul, 20, 2015

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    4 min

We truly care about our customers and their feedback, we listen to their wishes and suggestions so they can be completely satisfied with our tool which is tailored by their feedback.

That’s why we decided to introduce new user-friendly and approachable interface so you can add your desired keywords easier and more efficiently.

At the same time, we didn’t forget about important segment of our users – marketing and PR professionals. By listening to their feedback we decided to introduce Boolean search operators to fit their needs also.

Our highly specific keyword search options will deliver relevant results in real time, which will help you manage your company’s or brand’s online presence.

Simplified keyword setup – a quick tour

In the upper left corner of your screen click on the search bar and type in your desired keyword or topic and you will get various options regarding where you want to save your keyword (to the existing group or to a new group).

After you select the destination of your keyword press Enter, and your feed will be full of mentions of your keyword in no time. As well in the left corner you can select Add new keyword option.

If you want to save a keyword to existing group there is also another way: select the group in the left side bar first, then type in your keyword in search bar which will save this keyword automatically in selected group.

In case you want to save your keyword to a new group, you will have the option to name new group first and your keyword will be saved under new created group.

When you want to move your keyword from one group to another, just place the mouse pointer left from your keyword and when you see hand symbol drag it to the desired group and just drop it. Your keyword will now appear in a new group. Simple and easy!

To create a new group, in the left corner, click on the arrow next to the Add new keyword and then New Group.

You can rename and/or delete your keyword’s and group’s names afterward. Click on the Settings (gear) icon placed on the right side next to the keyword or group and select Rename and/or Delete. Remember that this will not change the search expression but only the name of your keyword so you can find it more easily later if there is more than one similar keyword.

Edit your keyword(s) – Advanced search options

When keyword’s feed shows up, click on Edit filters button at the end of the keyword description on the top of your screen. In this section you can set up more specific topics for more precise results, you can change the name of your keyword so you can find it easily later or you can set up various filters.

We are proud to announce that now you can also use advanced Boolean search operators, just click on Show advanced options.

Lets start by explaining a bit about AND, OR and NOT operators.

  • Containing ALL of these keywords (AND) – Here you can change your search expression. You can add main keyword and other keywords all of which must be mentioned alongside the main keyword. Remember – only stories that contain ALL of the entered keywords will show up in your feed.
  • Containing ANY of these keywords (OR) – Add keywords related to your main keyword which you want to be shown alongside the main keyword. Remember – only stories that contain your main keyword and ANY, one or more, of other connected keywords will be shown in your feed.
  • Containing NONE of these keywords (NOT) – If there are some non-relevant results in your feed you can easily exclude them by typing non-relevant keywords or expressions in this bar.

Filters for more precise searches

  • LANGUAGE – If you’re interested in mentions in particular language(s) only, now is the time to set up this filter. Just type in languages in which you would like to receive results. If you want to cover a local brand, you can leave it as it is and receive mentions of your brand from anywhere in the world. Choose a language in which you want your mentions to be by using Include, or Exclude ones you don’t want to show up in your results.
  • AUTHORS – Filter your keyword mentions by authors on the web and social media. Just type in their name (for web) or their social media usernames (their Twitter handle, for example) and you will receive mentions from these authors only – Include, or from everyone else except those authors – Exclude.
  • DOMAINS – Filter your keyword mentions by domains they come from. You can block a specific site or the whole top level domain (TLD). For example, you noticed that you are receiving a lot of non-relevant mentions from advertisement section of some site. Just type in domain of that site and Determ will no longer show you results for that site.

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