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August Product Update

  • Author

    Iva Anušić

  • Published

    Sep, 04, 2023

  • Reading time

    4 min

As we transition from the scorching days of July to the milder days of August, we want to keep you informed about the latest improvements to Determ. Our aim is to ensure that your experience with our media monitoring solution remains user-friendly and effective.

In this month’s Product Update blog, we’re introducing three significant changes that will enhance your ability to gather insights. These updates will make filtering easier, provide clearer data visualization, and improve overall usability.

Without further ado, let’s explore these new features that August brings your way.

Synthia generates AI topic summaries for filtered mentions

You can now filter your Feed and prompt Synthia to summarize those mentions so that the topic summary is based on a sample of filtered mentions and provides more specific insights.

Apply desired filters and click on Summarize at the top of your Feed to prompt Synthia to generate a topic summary based on a sample of filtered mentions.

New cloud charts in Home: Phrases and Hashtags

We have refreshed the Home dashboard and enriched it with two new charts! The Phrases and Hastahgs clouds provide even more insights into current conversations about a specific topic.

New feed calendar for easier filtering by date

The Feed now supports a new calendar with simplified date and time filtering. Soon, it will also be added to the Reports, Exports, and Newsletter to make date picking easier in all places.

That concludes our August Product Update blog. We hope you find these changes useful for your media monitoring needs.

We’re always interested in hearing your thoughts and suggestions for further improvements. If you have any specific features in mind or need assistance in navigating these updates, our Customer Support team is available for a chat. Alternatively, you can schedule a personalized demo to see these changes in action.

Thank you for choosing Determ as your media monitoring solution. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming months as we continue to refine and enhance our service to better serve your needs.

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