Tracking social mentions in real-time can sound like a chore, but it’s actually one of the best things you can do to grow your business. For example,  you can use it to stay in touch with followers, monitor what people genuinely think of your products, and spot a crisis in real-time.

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It’s crucial to know what people say about you online. We all know that the Internet is a powerful source of information and a place where most people feel free to express their honest opinions. But how to check if there is so much data posted every day? By 2025, the daily data generated will reach 463 exabytes globally.

Also, it is impossible to go through all the platforms, apps, comments, and posts to see people’s opinions about you and your brand. But no worries, an excellent real-time mention tracking tool will do it effortlessly.

But before we discuss that, let’s clarify some important terms.

What is Real-Time Mention Tracking?

When someone uses a keyword connected to your brand across various web pages, that is a mention. It can be your brand’s name, product name, employees’ names, hashtags, etc. You can monitor the mentions in real-time to stay updated. 

Can you imagine tracking all the mentions manually? It’s impossible to do it in real-time – or even in general. Unless someone tags you in each post, you’ll have  a hard time figuring out that they mentioned you. Additionally, it sounds like a tedious and time-consuming task. But it doesn’t have to be.

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real-time mention tracking
Real-time mention tracking is practically impossible without a corresponding tool

Top Benefits of Real-Time Mention Tracking

No limitations here. If you have a brand or are a public person who wants to track your mentions, you’ll make use of this activity. A tracker such as Determ is an excellent tool for SaaS companies, social media agencies, PR teams, or companies providing services of any type and size. 

For departments like Customer Support or Sales, tracking mentions is also beneficial – it works perfectly in finding new leads and increasing customer satisfaction.

If you are a small business owner or a marketer, and you do not track your mentions yet, it’s worth considering. Real-time tracking will bring you great value and numerous gains if you are still growing. Let’s see what these benefits are.

Spot crises in real-time with mention tracking

With real-time tracking, you can avoid situations that get out of hand. A Social media crisis happens, and there is a way to keep it under control. Determ helps prevent such scenarios – you can spot potential issues in real-time before they escalate.

You can choose to get real-time notifications via email or Slack whenever your keyword is mentioned somewhere. In that way you’re sure there won’t be a crisis brewing somewhere online without you noticing.

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Real-time mention tracking saves a lot of time  

Can you imagine monitoring all of your brand mentions manually? It’s impossible to be on top of the mentions by checking websites one by one. And if you want to track your competitors or product names too, it gets unimaginable. Using a tracking tool such as Determ is a game-changer. It saves both time and energy.

In the mention tracking process, a fast reaction is critical. Monitoring manually makes it impossible to check your mentions as fast as the professional tool would do.  

Also, a good tracking tool provides a great analysis of your mentions – for example, sentiment analysis. You can spot at a single glance whether customers are talking about you in a positive, neutral or negative way.

You can track sentiment

With sentiment tracking, you can see people’s feelings toward your brand or services. It is based on text analysis to determine the written words’ emotional tone – whether the text carries a positive, negative, or neutral attitude.

Sentiment tracking is helpful for various reasons. First of all, it is a way of measuring how the brand is perceived and its reputation. The sentiment metric gives you a sense of control and a warning that something went wrong, such as a campaign or a launched product that did not meet your customers’ expectations. 

It is also a source of honest customer feedback. You can get the analysis of their opinions and discussions and see what they consider your brand’s strengths and pain points.

AI technology such as machine learning and natural language processing technology is developing all the time and getting better every day. Also, data interpretation is improving. 

With Determ’s sentiment analysis, you don’t have to dive deep into every tweet or Facebook comment to understand how a customer felt when writing something that mentions you. Instead, you have all the data at your fingertips in the Determ dashboard.

Sentiment analysis in Determ

You get access to all platforms in one go

Keep an eye on the mentions from social media, websites, blogs, forums, and other platforms. Everything is close at hand – no need to jump between tabs, type the keywords every time, etc. Everything happens automatically. 

Also, there are no limits in terms of language and country. With Determ, you can track mentions worldwide regardless of the place and linguistic barriers. 

Use social mentions tracking for your growth

By tracking mentions, you can find out what the market needs. Maybe some features need improvements? You can figure it out by monitoring your mentions. Also, you can check your customers’ reactions to a new product or service you’ve just launched and act upon their feedback.

Additionally, Determ enables social listening through tracking mentions. Social listening is finding growth opportunities and reacting accordingly based on media monitoring insights.

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Reply to mentions quickly 

Thanks to real-time mention tracking, you can connect with social media users who refer to your brand. Responding to the posts immediately makes people feel important and happy. Also, it is a sign that you care about your followers and want to stay in touch constantly whenever your followers are.

Determ Saves the Day

For effective real-time tracking, you need a good tracking tool such as Determ.

Determ is a platform that tracks every mention of your brand in online sources such as social media, forum posts, and comments in real-time. It provides an in-depth analysis and interpretation of data and alarms you when something happens.

With Determ, you avoid meaningless mentions and catch the ones that make an impact on your business. Thanks to advanced filters and Artificial Intelligence, you will get the best results without any manual work. 

Determ media monitoring tool

Behind every report and mention analysis, there are four metrics that are measured and calculated. 

  • Mentions reach shows how many people have seen the content with a mention of your brand. 
  • Interactions show how many users interacted with the post where the mention was included. 
  • The engagement rate shows how engaging was the post where the mention was. Namely, the percentage of people who reacted to the post – whether they commented, shared, or liked it.
  • The influence score shows how influential and important the mention was compared to every other source on the internet. An influence scoring system ranges from 1 to 10.

Social media tracking is a good starting point if you are looking for influencers to work with. You can see who promoted your brand before and check all the metrics above with our mention tracking tool. If you are happy with the results, such as reach, interaction, etc., you have a chance for fruitful collaboration.  

advanced report
Determ advanced report

Determ also helps with:

  • managing multiple keywords and their mentions in a single feed
  • tagging mentions to single out the important ones
  • blocking mentions based on who wrote the mention, where it comes from, and what language was used
  • exporting mentions to specific documents like Word, Excel, or PDF


Tracking mentions in real-time is vital, especially for your company’s growth. So if you want to get complex IT support in spotting crises and following people’s genuine opinions of your brand and more, Determ is a platform for you.

As you can see, there are many good reasons why it is vital to track mentions. The sooner you start, the better for your brand, customers, and employees. Why wait?

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