Media Monitoring

6 Clever Ways In Which Travel Agencies Can Use Media Monitoring to Their Advantage

  • Author

    Ivan Kasapović

  • Published

    Dec, 11, 2014

  • Reading time

    2 min

In the travel industry, your reputation is everything. Your customers will recommend your travel agency to their friends if they had a great time. But they’re far more likely to let their friends know if they’ve had a bad time on their trip with you.

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That’s why it’s very important that you grab hold of control over online and social media because that’s where it’s easiest to track and measure what your customers are talking about your agency and other industry topics. Here’s how automatic media monitoring can be set up to play to your advantage.

1. Discover Prospects

Media monitoring starts by entering a keyword you wish to track. Determ constantly looks through the web (including social media!) in search of it. It’s as if you had somebody Google what you want every 5 minutes and let you know immediately when something new cropped up. So, for starters, enter “what’s the best travel” as your keyword and you’ll get a live feed of all your potential customers looking for the best travel- agency, package, guide, insurance… Just reach out to them and reply, invite them to check out what you’ve got to offer!

2. Discover Strong Competitors You Weren’t Aware Of

The second step is even easier! If somebody has already beaten you to the punch and left a reply, check out what they’ve recommended. That’s your competitor, whether you were aware of them or not, and you should put them on your radar.

3.Track Your Competitors

Speaking of radars, Determ is your readymade competitor radar. Simply enter your competitor’s names (both agency names and key employees’ names) as your keywords and track their every mention online, be it their own packages and promotions, or customer reviews.

4. Track Your Own Agency

Why should you just be on the heels of your competitors, when you can be on top of everything being said online about your agency, too? Just enter your agency name and your key people as your keywords to stay on top of what’s going on around you.

5. Virtually Follow Big Groups and Collect Feedback

But don’t stop there! If you’ve just sent out a big or important group on a trip, set up a keyword or two to track their thoughts. When their trip ends, leave the keywords running to collect after-trip impressions and feedback.

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6. Find Customers Through Bad Reviews

The final tip is this: set up a keyword “travel agency”. As its connected keyword (in the second step of the advanced keyword input) you can add various terms like “ruined my trip”, “dissatisfied”, “bad organization”, “bad experience”, “disappointing experience” to pick up bad reviews. You can learn from the mistakes of others, and also reach out to those dissatisfied customers and offer them a better service.

Hop on and try it out for yourself! Signing up for Determ is free, and you can do it in one step.