Marketing requirements are more sophisticated now than ever and rely on big data inputs and variable processes. Without altering processes, marketing teams stand to drown in that influx, a disaster they can only really avoid by implementing the correct digital marketing tools.

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With the ability to simplify processes, unify programs, and generally overcome setbacks, digital marketing tools out there are now a non-negotiable marketing team staple. But, which digital marketing tools are most worth your attention?

Email automation

#1 Mailshake

Largely concerned with taking the chill out of cold emails, Mailshake is a business must. Complete with live training sessions and concierge onboarding, this platform can help you to:

  • Automatically work new leads
  • Reply to leads
  • Monitor email open rates
  • And more

Mailshake can also send automated personalized cold emails at scale, and even help you to power cold calls at last. What’s more, the platform scales seamlessly with prospects from all social platforms for increased conversion rates you can rely on.

#2 Mixmax

Predominantly an email productivity platform, Mixmax is a digital marketing tool made for all customer-facing teams and has already helped to power companies like Canva and Typeform. The platform ultimately aims to reduce deal close times through a range of operational processes, including

  • Instant scheduling
  • Polls and surveys
  • Email tracking
  • Curated sequences
  • Etc.

With abilities to track, engage, schedule, automate, and integrate, this really is an email addition that does it all. And, investing here could soon see you enjoying benefits, including 10x more productivity, without once leaving your inbox.

#3 ActiveCampaign

Next on our list of best digital marketing tools is ActiveCampaign. With a predominant focus on email marketing as it relates to customers, ActiveCampaign provides you with everything you need to create lasting connections. Personalization is perhaps the most notable feature here, with the ability to create personalized email newsletters and more in an easy drag-and-drop interface. 

This is a benefit users can take even further with wide-scale email automation. Website messaging also reveals when consumers reach peak rates of interest and can help you to jump on sales opportunities before they pass you by. All without any extra effort on your part!

#4 Outfunnel

Outfunnel is a sales-centric CRM that doesn’t compromise on profit focuses. Ideal for Pipedrive and Mailchimp users, this tool aims to merge sales and marketing through automated analysis. 

By tracking website visitors and always highlighting your hottest leads, Outfunnel uses automated email campaigns that update dependent on CRM inputs. This allows for genuine sales team support, trackable leads, and contexts that could remain a pipe dream otherwise.

Lead generation

Generating leads is one of the primary marketing tasks. Some methods include collecting emails through social media contests and giveaways, engaging quizzes, as well as various email finders.

#5 Paperform

Paperform is a digital Swiss Army Knife for small businesses. You can easily customize Paperform to manage any project—from forms that automate onboarding to dedicated landing pages for products and events. With 27+ question fields, an in-app editor, and a free-text interface, you can create solutions tailored to your unique brand.

In need of inspiration? Use one of their lead generation forms or any other 650+ templates instead of starting from scratch. Paperform is a pretty comprehensive platform and can help to create leads through a range of applications, including:

  • Design branded surveys and quizzes
  • Schedule appointments (includes integrations to your favorite calendar apps)
  • Sell products
  • Onboard clients

The versatility of its functions, the custom HTML and CSS capabilities, and its built-in analytics dashboard, means it’s ideal for small businesses looking for beautiful, digitally smart solutions. 

#6 ShareThis

Since 2007, ShareThis has harnessed the potential of global digital behavior by consolidating social sharing, interests, and intent data. By analyzing the actions of real people on real digital platforms, spanning over three million global domains, ShareThis obtains up-to-the-minute insights.

These insights are then translated into a better understanding and validation of consumer behavior, facilitating the expansion of targeting and activation, customer acquisition, and insights and analytics. They offer a range of website tools like website buttons, share buttons, reaction buttons, social feed, etc and a range of plugins.

#7 LinkedIn Sales Navigator

While we’re on the subject of LinkedIn, their very own sales navigator could also help in your quest for leads. By aiming to target, understand, and engage with your most promising LinkedIn prospects, this is another worthwhile B2B solution.

Complete with lead recommendations customized to you, CRM integration, and the ability to see who’s viewed your profile in the last ninety days, there’s certainly a lot of merit on offer here. InMail messages even give you the ability to connect with over 500 million LinkedIn members that aren’t already on your list, resulting in almost guaranteed leads that you surely can’t sniff at. 

#8 Datanyze

As the current leaders in technographics, Datanyze is our last but definitely not least lead generation tool of note. Offering a comprehensive solution based on machine learning and proprietary methodologies, the Datanyze team ultimately focuses on data enrichment that can bolster your efforts. 

Datanyze then uses this knowledge for everything from technology tracking to predictive analyses and prospecting that will surely play a fundamental role in generating leads. All based on technology-led insights that you may well struggle to find with even other tools mentioned on this list. 

Social media

#9 Determ

We could not miss the comprehensive media monitoring and analytics tool that is Determ. By notifying you every time someone mentions your brand, company, or competitors across over 100 million online resources, it’s difficult to imagine a better way to track the online landscape.


Since launching in 2014, the Determ team has been hard at work developing award-winning digital products for 45,000 customers across a total of 105 countries. By joining them, you, too, can enjoy features including:

  1. Real-time mention alerts
  2. Brand reports in minutes
  3. Easy competition comparisons
  4. Award-winning media intelligence solutions

#10 Brand24

Brand24 also offers social media monitoring, but this time with interactions and reviews in mind. With tools tracking and engaging your social media mentions, you can get to know customers, and finally perfect online engagement.

Most notably, instant notifications ensure that you’re aware of and able to respond to negative interactions or reviews before it’s too late. The tool also allows you to track marketing progress and competitor threats alongside benefits including:

  • Slack integration
  • Hashtag searches
  • On-the-go mobile apps

#11 Hootsuite

Already, 20% of top brands utilize Hootsuite benefits, including iconic names such as:

  1. Yahoo
  2. H&M
  3. IBM

Aiming to help you do more with your social media, the platform comes complete with scheduling for social posts, easy content management, measurable results, and monitoring that matters. And all that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Available in packages to fit everything from one employee to large enterprises, you needn’t look any further to finally perfect your presence on Facebook, Linkedin, and more. 

#12 Buffer

Last but not least in our social digital marketing tools section, we have Buffer. With a focus on the three key business aspects of publishing, reply, and analysis, this social media management software is on hand to help you grow. 

No matter what stage you’re at in your social media journey, Buffer is ideal for helping you to plan and collaborate on content, respond to conversations and queries, and even analyze the social growth of your brand. All from one easy dashboard for seamless in-team collaborations and social calendars that every team can get behind.


#13 Pipedrive

A sales-led CRM that can simplify your life, Pipedrive aims to help you:

  1. Manage leads and deals
  2. Track communications
  3. Automate and grow

These are goals the tool achieves through deep-dive insights and reports. Now used by over 90,000 companies who enjoy an average 28% increase in close rate after their first year, your customers and profits would certainly be grateful if you brought this tool on board.

#14 Copper

Copper is uniquely aimed towards integration with G Suite, and could well see you enjoying better customer relations through your existing applications. This simple, intuitive CRM operates solely from within the G Suite program (Google Docs, Gmail, etc.) that you’re already familiar with to ensure that the tool fits within your existing way of working. 

By making it easier than ever to organize your contacts, track deals, and automate tasks, you’ll be far better able to secure contacts, deals, and files in one comfortable place. And, of course, in-built reporting capabilities ensure you can better track progress across all your most important programs!

#15 Streak

Streak goes one step further in the G Suite implementation by focusing solely on Gmail users and comes complete with benefits such as:

  • Automatic data capture from incoming emails
  • Email scheduling
  • Mail merging for personalized group contacts
  • A library of frequently used emails for workplace ease
  • And more

In short, Streak can take your Gmail capabilities a great deal further, making for smoother communications, planning, and tracking, that could ultimately see your customer relations reach entirely new levels.

#16 Capsule

Self-labeled as ‘the smart simple online CRM’, Capsule’s straightforward layout and powerful benefits may also catch your eye. Complete with seamless connectivity within applications such as G Suite and Quickbooks, integration here can lead to returns that are around 10-15x larger than you enjoy right now. 

This is a goal Capsule achieves through contact management, sales pipelines, reports, and even Capsule Mobile capabilities for ongoing CRM even when you’re out and about. This is all possible through an intuitive easy-to-tailor design that you should be able to get your head around in no time.

Document management

#17 Confluence

Next on our list of best digital marketing tools is Confluence. Atlassian’s Confluence tool has a focus on knowledge and collaboration that could drastically improve document management across even vast business landscapes. This one-source-of-truth platform ensures all the answers your team needs to complete tasks are within easy, searchable reach. 

Complete with best-practice templates you can always use, Confluence’s 40,000+ customers also enjoy collaborative document focus including:

  • Actionable meeting notes
  • Company culture announcements
  • Instant feedback across departments

#18 Zoho WorkDrive

Helping your team to share their ideas from concept to realization, Zoho WorkDrive is downloadable for smartphones and tablets and offers many of the benefits that come complete with Confluence, and more besides. 

Again, team collaborations are at the heart of what WorkDrive can do, a goal this digital marketing tool achieves by creating a secure, shared workplace that even remote employees can access in real-time with little to no hassle.

Team folder access, instant notifications, and feedback are all notable benefits here, a collaborative focus that’s perfectly balanced by a check-in/check-out feature that makes it possible to prevent team edits, etc. where they aren’t welcome. 

# 19 Kdan PDF Reader

Commonly rated as the best PDF reader right now, Kdan proudly holds multiple awards, including app of the year in the Google Playstore. Whether you’re working with Word or audio files, among others, this reader tool makes it possible to take care of everything vital for marketing efforts, including editing, hyperlinking, and adding images. This digital marketing tool even lets you sign documents on the go in PDF format if necessary! 

With easy mobile-PC integrations and cloud storage for access anywhere, this could be the ideal way to get on top with documents at last. Productivity and functioning within business and marketing teams everywhere could undoubtedly enjoy the benefits. 

#20 DottedSign

While Kdan does have a PDF-signing feature, DottedSign is a document management tool designed solely to serve this purpose, which definitely deserved its place in our list of best digital marketing tools. The smartest eSignature solution currently out there, too, could go a long way towards helping you to grow your business. 

Wherever you are, a cloud-based application means you can sign documents remotely on any device, making it easier than ever before to close those big business deals. Even better, the tool allows for multiple-document scrolling that could see all your signing tasks in one easy place for faster deal closures at all times.


Marketing might have changed beyond recognition in recent years but, as you can see from this list, the marketing tools to support your processes have changed a fair amount too. By recognizing pain points within your current marketing efforts and implementing the digital marketing tools that provide the best possible solutions, we guarantee that you will be a master of your marketing again in no time.