We Have an iOS App

  • Author

    Ivor Bihar

  • Published

    Mar, 30, 2016

  • Reading time

    2 min

Following a couple of months of intense work, Determ for iOS was finally released this week. It was developed with a single purpose in mind: to help our users get relevant information immediately – wherever they are. Our users are professionals who are often away from their computers during work hours, and the mobile app is the simplest way for them to be informed about their mentions.

There is another reason. The Internet does not stop working at 5 pm, so our customers often see their brand or company mentioned after work hours. Life is not a lot of fun if you’re out having coffee with friends, but are secretly stressed out that an online crisis or a sales opportunity are happening somewhere online.

It is very hard to escape this feeling, but we believe that using our app can help alleviate a part of that anxiety.

It is clean and minimalistic, with two features executed to perfection.

One is the mentions feed. It is the same mentions feed you get on your browser-based Mediatoolkit, designed so that it is scannable and easy to read on a smaller screen. Scroll to easily get a quick overview of all the mentions of your company, brand, competitors or other things you track.

The other important feature is alerts. Enabling alerts on your mobile phone helps you get the right information at the moment it happens, without the need to constantly monitor your feed. You can adjust these settings so you only get the mentions that are the most important to you, without the background noise. It helps you relax: if there are no alerts, nothing is happening. You are not missing out.

The mobile version is for when you need to get news fast, but you are away from the computer. For when you are in the office, or for when you need in-depth reporting, we suggest you use the desktop version. It has a number of additional features that analyze your online presence, so turn to it for help in creating your long-term communications strategy.

The iOS app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and requires iOS 8.0 or later. We also developed a Mediatoolkit Android app that you can download here.