There were around 415 million X (Twitter) users worldwide in 2023. Furthermore, 40% of active users indicated they were likely to continue using the platform a year later. Consequently, they can double or even triple engagement by using hashtags in their posts. 

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Twitter hashtags are mainly phrases or words preceded by the “#” symbol. X users use it to categorize and organize posts (tweets). They work like a powerful tool for X (Twitter) users to discover content related to specific events, topics, or discussions. Using hashtags makes your posts more clickable.

So, if you can find trending Twitter hashtags, you can expand your reach. This blog will also cover their importance and how you can use these X (Twitter) hashtags.

Why Use Twitter Hashtags?

According to Ben from SEOHero, It has become crucial for businesses to follow social media trends to stay competitive. Therefore, they find ways to master Twitter competitor analysis to be at the top.

Hashtags are more than just symbols since they can amplify your content, helping you gain more followers on X. When you add relevant hashtags, you can use your X account to its full potential.

However, here are the basic reasons why most people use X (Twitter) hashtags.

Increase Your Reach

X (Twitter) hashtags play a pivotal role in increasing your visibility and reach. Posts with relevant hashtags have a 55% chance of getting retweeted. So, it gives your content the desired exposure.

Hashtag Engagement on Twitter for tweets with 1-2 hashtags

With the trending hashtag search, businesses can tap into larger conversations and reach a broader audience quickly. So this, in turn, brings more engagement and new followers.

Improve Brand Awareness

Another good part of using relevant hashtags is that it can improve brand awareness. You can increase your presence on this social media channel with hashtags.

Since it works like a powerful branding tool, you can run the best hashtag campaigns to convey your brand’s message. Through this, you can reshape people’s perceptions of your brand.

Helps in X (Twitter) Marketing

Without a doubt, X (Twitter) hashtags are very important for X marketing. They give marketers the chance to market to a niche market, advertise their goods, and increase interaction. 

By conducting a trending hashtag search, you can tailor your posts to reach the right demographics at the right time. Furthermore, these hashtags help you stay industry-relevant and help improve the impact of your X marketing.

X (Twitter) Analytics Dashboard Widgets in Determ, displaying interactions trend and optimal post timing

Brings More Engagement

X (Twitter) hashtags can bring more engagement to your table. It encourages other users to join your conversation.

Also, more accounts on X can discover your content, leading to improved interaction. When people start following your account, it automatically increases  the engagement rate.

Now that you know why you must consider using relevant and trending hashtags, you have a clear idea of what trending hashtags are. So, keep reading to know that!

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Simply put, trending hashtags mean X (Twitter) hashtags trending now. They refer to the hashtags that are currently generating a high volume of engagement on the platform. If you use at least 1 trending hashtag, your engagement can grow up to 29%. But, what are the best ways to find these trending hashtags on X (Twitter)? Let’s know this.

X offers a “Trends for You” section on the search page and the homepage. You can find posts of interest here. So, this section also highlights the best and most current trending hashtags and topics tailored to your search and profile. 

For You section on X (Twitter)

You can even choose a niche, like sports, entertainment, etc., to check the trending niche hashtags. This makes it easy for you to find the right and most trending hashtags.

Use Social Listening

Social listening tools help X (Twitter) users monitor conversations in real time. Through this, you can even measure and increase your social media reach by finding the most trending hashtags. You can also track phrases and particular hashtags related to your industry or niche. Tools from Determ can offer you valuable insights into the most trending conversations on X. 

Businesses, marketers, and researchers use these tools to collect data related to specific keywords, hashtags, mentions, and accounts. By tracking mentions of brand names, product references, industry-specific keywords, and competitor activities, you can capture relevant conversations that provide a real-time snapshot of public discourse.

Ultimately, social listening on Twitter/X enables you to stay attuned to public opinion, anticipate market shifts, and engage more meaningfully with your audience.

Follow Relevant Twitter Profiles

If you do not want to do too much research, simply follow relevant and active X (Twitter) profiles. They can help you find trending hashtags.


It does not have to always be general public accounts; you can follow thought leaders, influencers, news organizations, etc., to discover popular hashtags. 

Here are some of the best-trending hashtag examples:

  • #DigitalMarketing
  • #TechNews
  • #SelfCareSunday
  • #Innovation
  • #FitnessGoals
  • #FoodieFriday
  • #MondayMotivation
  • #ThrowbackThursday
  • #FashionTrends
  • #EntrepreneurLife
  • #TravelTuesday
  • #GamingCommunity
  • #Podcast
  • #ArtisticExpression
  • #BookLovers
  • #PositiveVibes
  • #PetLovers
  • #Wellness
  • #HealthyLiving
  • #StartupLife

These are the most popular ways to find relevant and trending hashtags to grab the attention of your X community. But how can you research X (Twitter) hashtags? Let’s find out!

3 Ways to Research Twitter Hashtags

Researching Twitter hashtags is important for businesses looking for ways to improve their engagement. By knowing social media trends and trending hashtags, you can use them to your advantage.

To conduct proper research, you must think outside the box and let your creative side shine. So, here are the three ways to research hashtags on X (Twitter).

Way 1: Use X’s Search Function

The best and most straightforward way to research X (Twitter) hashtags is by using X’s search function. This is a place where you can find relevant hashtags that have been used recently.

trending twitter hashtags

As you type a word, take note of the suggested keywords. Furthermore, you may explore the “Trending” and “For You” tabs on the search results to view the most popular hashtags.

Way 2: Use Third-Party Tools to Generate Relevant Hashtags

You can find several third-party tools that help generate X (Twitter) hashtag trends now. They provide hashtag suggestions based on either popularity or correlation.

You may get the results in table format. These tools even give you hashtag volume to help you understand their popularity. So, from that, you can pick the most relevant ones.

You can monitor the most trending topics and check the hashtags they have used. If a hashtag aligns with your post and your brand, only then should you use it to stay on top.

Through this, you can gain valuable insights into what is currently capturing the attention of the Twitter community. So, this way, it will help you discover new and viral hashtags.

But, once you do the research, how can you use those X (Twitter) hashtags? Keep scrolling down to know that!

How to Use X (Twitter) Hashtags?

After you find trending hashtags, you need to use them strategically to have the maximum impact. So, you may look at the following ways to use the hashtags in the best way.

  • Step 1: Before you use any hashtag, knowing your target audience is important. This can help your post get easily discovered by the right audience.
  • Step 2: You can research the most trending topics related to your niche. For that, you may use third-party tools or X’s Search section.
  • Step 3: Always aim for at least 1 to 2 hashtags per post to maintain readability. You can place the hashtags within your post body or at the end.
  • Step 4: Brands can even create their own hashtags. They help them promote their products and campaigns.


Hashtags are important for digital communication. They are used to categorize content, increase visibility, and facilitate engagement. You can find trending hashtags and use them strategically. It gives you the exposure you need to grow in this competitive market.  

Trending hashtags allow you to attract attention from new audiences. Consistent use of branded hashtags helps reinforce your brand identity. Overall, hashtags are indispensable for building brand awareness and achieving your marketing objectives on social media.

Author’s Bio Ankita Malhotra is an outreach specialist, that connects and builds relationships with people. With over 4 years of experience along with communication skills, Ankita develops and implements effective outreach strategies that deliver goal-oriented results.

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