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Samsung Galaxy Fold or Flop: the Consumers’ First Impression

  • Author

    Iva Anušić

  • Published

    Feb, 22, 2019

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    3 min

Samsung just held its Unpacked event for 2019, revealing an impressive number of new products. The event itself was a great success, publicity-wise. The YouTube Official Replay video counts more than 3 million views in just one day. Likewise, our reports show that the total number of impressions across the Internet is almost 450 million. 

Ten years after releasing the first Galaxy phone, the company decided to do something “never before seen on a smartphone”. The new highly anticipated handset is named the Galaxy Fold. It is a foldable smartphone which “changed the shape of tomorrow”, as the company claims, accompanied by the official hashtag #DoWhatYouCant.

Coming at a price of 2000€ in Europe and 1980$ in the USA, it is by far the most expensive phone in the mainstream market. This 7.3-inch flexible OLED device is redefining boundaries between a smartphone and a tablet. 

First impressions

So, what do the consumers say? We’ve tracked mentions of the Samsung Galaxy Fold in Determ to see just what the reactions are. Some consider the new device to be very innovative…

…while others would argue that it is simply not practical.

But, the price point is the common denominator that pretty much unites everyone’s opinion. Samsung stated that this is a premium device, and the price tag certainly backs it up.

Overall opinion

Nonetheless, the overall sentiment of the Galaxy Fold mentions is mostly positive. It has been mentioned more than 15 000 times since being presented, reaching an audience of over 100 million people across various platforms, with the majority of mentions being in the United States.

Twitter is the channel with the most positive and the most negative mentions in comparison to other sources, as well as the channel on which the Fold is mentioned the most times. Web and YouTube are the following. But, it’s not the most talked about new device from Samsung.

The flagship

The real star of the show was the new Galaxy S10. Although numerous images of it leaked weeks prior to the event, it didn’t take away from the hype. Its design change has been very talked-about, as Samsung has decided to bring out the ‘Infinity O-display’ in order to increase the phone’s screen real estate even more.

The S10 now boasts a bigger battery, on-screen ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, 5 cameras, and Wireless PowerShare, intended to charge the all-new wireless headphones, Samsung Buds, or any other device that supports wireless charging. All the new features really took off on the Internet, being the topic of most of the online chatter.

The slogan of the campaign for the new device was #NeverAfraid, the goal of which was to express the values promoted by the phone’s features. Some of the promo messages, for example, follow the hashtag with “to create future”, “to capture any moment” and “to be different”.

Other than the two new devices and the aforementioned wireless headphones, the newest addition to the Samsung family are the new Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Fit. Samsung also teased the upcoming Galaxy S10 5G edition.

What are your thoughts on the new releases? Do you find the Fold to be innovative or an outreach? Let us know!