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Determ In 2022: A Yearly Product Recap

  • Author

    Iva Anušić

  • Published

    Dec, 20, 2022

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    3 min

Twenty-twenty-two. The year of the inflation surge, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Slapgate, Amber Heard vs. Johny Depp trial, Queen Elizabeth II’s death, and many more gripping events that continue to shape our history, culture, and media.

Albeit not as colossal, 2022 has been very significant for us at Determ.

We have grown as a team, community, and product:

  • Seventeen new employees joined our team. 
  • Our community counts over 35 thousand PR and marketing professionals. 
  • We updated the underlying technology that powers Determ and significantly improved the tool’s uptime, user experience, and performance.
  • Our database keeps steadily growing by one billion new mentions each month. 

And while we released many features and updates, our most significant improvement has been in the works for the past year. It is an event that will mark a new chapter for Determ early next year.

Until then, let’s recap what happened in Determ in 2022.

The new Query wizard

We have improved the Query wizard to make it much easier for you to create a precise search query and get relevant results.

query setup
Query Wizard in Determ

Creating a query now consists of three simple steps:

  1. Select whether you want to track Keywords or Sources
  2. Enter your keywords
  3. Define Sources and Filters (optional).

And that’s it!

A significant feed update with the search bar and new filtering and sorting options

We made feed management and navigation more straightforward by adding the following:

  • A search bar so you can quickly search for a specific keyword or phrase in your results 
  • New sorting options:
    • Published time
    • Last added
    • Interactions
    • Engagement
  • New filtering options:
    • Influence score
    • Location(s)
    • Language(s)
    • Reach
    • Influencers
    • Authors
    • Virality
    • Tag(s).
  • Plus, the option to combine the search bar and multiple filters to get the most precise overview of your results.

New sources

We added YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and Facebook comments as tracked sources.

CSV as a digest and data export format

A feature you highly sought and awaited is the ability to receive a digest or export data as CSV, which we delivered! You can find the CSV option in a Table format when exporting data as a Table.

export type from determ
Export from Determ

New online payment options

Online payment options now support Amex, Discover, Maestro, Mastercard, and Visa.

Get RSS link 

The Get RSS link feature is in Beta! We’re testing this new feature that allows you to add the RSS link for any query to an RSS reader, create a Slack RSS feed, or embed it on a website.


You can find the Get RSS link button at the top of your feed or by clicking the gear icon next to each query in the left sidebar. Clicking it will prompt an automatically composed chat message containing your query ID. Just press send, and our team will get back to you with the RSS link.

Contact us if you’re interested in testing it, and the Get RSS link button is not visible in your feed!

New technology and system updates to make the tool more reliable and powerful

We updated our mentions database to a new Elastic Search technology that allows for better performance and control over historical data search.

Additionally, all databases were updated to the latest stable releases, with critical ones in HA (high availability) deployments.

Consequently, the average uptime increased from 99.8 to 99.95, reducing downtime from one and a half hours to 20 minutes. The tweet fetch cycle is now 28% faster for users that connect their Twitter profile in the Integrations tab.

We also improved mentions’ text extraction, tracking texts written in Hiragana and Han character sets, and the UI to make the user experience more intuitive and user-friendly.

To wrap up 2022

It has been another eventful and lucrative year for our team. With numerous feature releases and tool improvements, a fantastic team and customers, and exciting plans for the future, we’re looking forward to what’s coming next.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey and for you being a part of ours. 

Stay tuned for the new chapter!

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